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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Been Thinking Lately...

Just a quick note for anyone who still might be checking in to see if I've found my blogging voice again. I've been thinking alot lately about returning to BlogLand. I've mentioned before that I've been spending a great deal of time social networking and, while I've made a number of new friends (as well as reconnected with long ago ones), I'm just not finding the personal satisfaction that comes with sharing events, thoughts etc in a personal blog.

The one thing I really need to decide, if I do come back to blogging, is what to do about my Erstwhile Librarian persona. It's been nearly six years since I retired and I realize now that I do not think of myself as a librarian anymore. Each day I move farther and farther away from that life I led for 26 years and it no longer defines who I am...only who I was.

So I've been contemplating starting a brand new blog. I have some ideas and I'm mulling them over. Who am I now and who do I want to be 5...10...20...years down the road? Stay tuned...


KathyA said...

Keep us posted if you make a change! Great to hear from you.

Linda said...

I'd love to see you come back into blogging as even though it's nice to connect on Facebook, it's just not the same at all. We get a brief glimpse of what people are doing but we don't really get to know who the person is in that sort of setting. Here, we get stories and a bigger piece of the writer.

I'll be looking forward to whatever you decide!

rosemary said...

Just be sure to put a link or send me an email....I love your blogging and social networking is rather empty after awhile.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Good to hear from you. Let us know what you decide.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Mary said...


I enjoy socializing on FB, but it just isn't the same as blogging. I do prefer the blog where you can post thoughts and tell of experiences.

If you start a new blog, please be sure to leave a link so we can find you.

Happy New Year, my friend. I wish you abundant blessings in 2010.

Snowbrush said...

I'm never unsure about my own role as a blogger, and I get a lot of fun and support from it. Good luck whatever you decide.

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Hooverpigs said...

I think "The Erstwhile Librarian" has a lovely vagueness about it. Its almost like a balm,in the franetic blogosphere. But that's just my opinion.

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