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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Calling the Computer Gods

OK...I knew I spoke too soon about my self-repaired desktop computer. So, yes...we still have a working and all images. We can still do research, send and read email, blog, and most everything else. Unfortunately, when I went to watch a short video online today, there was suddenly no sound. Yep...just like the silent movies from the early 20th century minus the music silence. Since I can't remember when the last time I listened to anything online and since I never use our computer to listen to CDs, I have no idea when our sound disappeared.

So now I get to figure out if I can fix the damn quiet. I'm hoping all it will take will be a re-install of the audio driver but then it might be hardware and is it really worth sinking more money into a 4-year old desktop? What do you think?


Renee said...

sounds like the audio driver to me too. I hope you get it all worked out.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Gosh, 4 years old isn't that old to me... I have had computers much older and worked beautifully!! Hmmm... I suppose that's entirely up to how much it'll cost to fix this problem... it might be as simple as flipping a switch within the computer! =)
Good luck Joan.
Rocky Mountain Retreat

rosemary said...

Depends on how much money the part costs....compared to getting a new computer and doing all of that transfer headache stuff. When I went from a desktop to a laptop and changed from AOL to a c*** ISP it was a NIGHTMARE....the there is the wireless fiasco.....

Mary said...


My computer does this once in a while and all I have to do is re-boot. I'm sure you've tried this but thought I would mention it just in case.

My first computer only lasted 2 years but this one is four years old and I had it fixed last year for $85. If it can be fixed reasonably I would keep it. If it's going to cost hundreds, you would be better off getting a new one, but whatever you do, don't buy one with Vista. It is horrible.

Just my opinion. Sorry it's been so long since I stopped by for a visit.


Midlife Mom said...

Welcome back Joan! Was checking around tonight and found that Moose Buyer is back and saw your comment that you are back! Yippee! Have been concerned about you too and am sorry that you've had a bout of depression. Glad you have been able to get beyond it, sometimes it isn't easy! Glad you had such a good time on your trip, I haven't been to the San Diego area for many years and would like to go back again some day.