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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Search of the Golfing Gods

Warning...if you have absolutely no interest in the game of golf, avoid reading this post because I guarantee you that my life at the moment is nothing but, golf, golf! anxious was the golf manufacturer to get my clubs shipped to me so they could start charging my credit card? Well...when we returned from Carlsbad on Thursday, the first shipment (driver and woods) was already sitting on our porch waiting for us. On Friday, my putter and new hybrid club arrived and on Sunday I finally got up the courage to unpack the two boxes and put my new clubs in my nearly new golf bag.

Yesterday, Rick and I went over to the driving range and each of us hit a large bucket of balls. Sigh... There's nothing more frustrating than watching your golf balls go left, go right, squibble in front of you, bounce out of the grass tee box. I've said all along that my problems have nothing to do with the's my swing that keeps failing me.

Today the final shipment arrived (my irons and wedges) and I've promised Rick we will go back to the driving range on Thursday to practice some more. Mind you...I've taken golf lessons for nearly 20 years (OK...I admit it) but, when you only have a golf club in your hands for 30 minutes once a month, I guess you can't expect perfection.

And while I might be the ultimate duffer when it comes to golf, apparently I'm a heck of a computer technician because our desktop continues to perform flawlessly. Thank goodness I seem to have a talent for something constructive.


Linda said...

The big question, though, is do you enjoy those 30 minutes or more a month that you spend with a club in your hand? If the answer is 'yes' then to hecks with ability or not! Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Maybe you won't be making Tiger Woods jealous but you'll be making yourself happy!

Renee said...

I agree with Linda. If you're having fun then that's the most important part.

We like to play put-put golf. DD is getting really good at it. (she has a very big handicap though.)

rosemary said...

A big whew where the computer is concerned.....woods, irons, putters, drivers??? It's not your swing.

Patti said...

As long as you are having fun, and getting to spend time with Rick. That's what is important.