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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Bay to Ocean

We're back from our long wedding weekend in Coronado. In case you're not familiar with Coronado, it's a peninsula just across from San Diego. People always think of it as an island because you take a trip over the famous Coronado Bridge to get there but, trust me, it's really a peninsula. It's a quaint beach town as well as home to a naval installation which means, along with the thousands of tourists roaming the streets, you'll see lots and lots of military personnel on the streets and in the restaurants. And, of course, its claim to fame is the historic Del Coronado Hotel.

No...we did not stay at the "Del." Instead, we stayed at a hotel directly across the street from it as did many of the wedding party and guests. The centerpiece of our hotel was the "Mansion" which was the former home of an early 20th Century California sugar magnate. Sadly, we didn't stay in the Mansion with its cute bed-and-breakfast type rooms. Instead, our room was in the modern section of the hotel but we did have a bay view room. Here is what it looked like from our balcony.

Like much of Southern California, the weather was unseasonably warm and uncomfortably humid. Since the town is small, we left our car in the hotel's parking lot and walked everywhere. We spent our time seeing the sights in town, discovering excellent restaurants and visiting with our friends and their families. The wedding was Saturday evening at the local community center with a beautiful view of the bay. It wasn't too far so we walked from our hotel as did the members of the wedding party and many of the guests. Thankfully, the outdoor ceremony was short and then we all moved into the reception room to enjoy a wonderful dinner, lots of dancing and cool air conditioning.

So...what did I finally wear? The weather made me decide to wear my newest black dress which was thankfully sleeveless. I know "black" is not the usual color for wedding wear but, here in California, it has become quite acceptable to wear it and so I did as did many of the guests and even the mother-of-the-bride. Here is a photo of my dress and "no" that's not me wearing it!

This will probably be the last wedding for a very long time since all of our friends' children are now married. But that doesn't mean the celebrating is over. In August, there's a baby shower on the calendar and I'm guessing there will be lots more of those in my future.


Linda said...

One of my uncles used to live in San Diego and I always enjoyed going down there to visit him. Never did get over to Coronado but I always wanted to stay at the Del. Maybe someday?

I am sure that you looked just as lovely as that model in your dress!

Renee said...

So glad that you had a great weekend. Your pictures look great.

My neice had an outdoor wedding that was very hot and humid too...then because we are family there were loads of pictures. By the time we got to the reception hall I was a mess (flat hair and smelly). But the reception was very good.

I love your dress! I bet you looked great!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

aero was there the same time as you were! he is the handsome sailor! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

sari said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We were just in San Diego, but it was 65 when we were there!

ms chica said...

awww, I bet you looked far more glamourous in your dress than the model pictured.

Patti said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful wedding weekend, Joan. I knew you would pick the sleeveless ;-D

It's just too hot not to do so!!

The dress is pretty and I'm sure you looked great.