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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Good, the Sad, the Necessary

I'm having a little trouble focusing the dear ol' brain so I thought I'd just ramble about this week's things that were and things that will be.

In another quest to recapture our early dating years together, Rick and I decided to spend another afternoon at the movies yesterday. This time Rick's choice was Iron Man and, although I knew the film had gotten pretty good reviews, I wasn't particularly anxious to see it. Still...going to the movies in this awful Southern California heat wave seemed like a good idea so off we went. Truthfully, I did enjoy the movie. Oh, it wasn't anything deep or thought provoking but it did provide two hours of rollicking good fun so for me it was a success.

Today was yet another day on the golf course for us. Rick was kind enough to make our tee time at a course near the beach so we were able to escape the heat. To be honest...I actually had a really good time. No, I didn't have a stellar performance (I think I lost 3 balls along the way) but I did have a few good shots and I'm feeling more confident with my new clubs. Best of putting has improved big time with my new putter and that's always a good thing!

I don't have any plans for the next few days but on Saturday Rick and I will be attending our friend's brother's memorial service. Dave was 54 years old and died a week after suffering a debilitating stroke. It's frightening to think that someone so young can die so suddenly. Sadly, we will miss the Saturday funeral of someone Rick has known since elementary school who also died this week...this time from cancer.

These deaths plus the recent death of Tim Russert have really made me face my own mortality. And it has also made me realize that ignoring my own health issues has got to stop. To this end, I actually sat down yesterday and made a much overdue appointment for a physical with my doctor. It's scheduled for the first week in July and now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to lose some weight and lower my cholesterol before facing her. I'm sure she'll have lots to say about my current condition and I'm ready to hear it. It's time I get serious and take control...I want to have lots and lots of years on the golf course with Rick.


Renee said...

starting to change is the first step. I'm sure your doc will agree with me.

good luck, I'm sure you'll check out fine.

I'm sorry for your losses.

Patti said...

I'm also sorry to read about all your losses.

Good luck with the doctor's appointment.

Take care.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

glad to hear about the dr. appt. don't put your head in the sand(trap) honey! if there is anything wrong, early is better! good luck!

smiles, bee

Ralph said...

To compensate for the turmoil, we could live life to the fullest and enjoy our time here. Every day. All of them...