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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Always A Loser

You lose some; you win some. On Monday, I took my mom and my cousin Ina up to the casino at one of the tribal reservations. Mom loves to play the slot machines (the penny ones) even though they now seem overwhelming to her. Mom always wins and this time she walked away with $40 while Ina ended up a whole $1 ahead. Me? As usual, I ended up losing only a few dollars which for me is pretty darn good.

Then on Tuesday I was informed by Lynne over at Lynne's Little Corner of the World that I'd won her very generous book giveaway. So now I will be the happy recipient of a Debbie Macomber book which I will comfortably read while sitting on my brand new loveseat in my still-a-work-in progress den. Thanks Lynne!

Speaking of my den, I know I promised photos but since the book nook is not done yet, I hope you'll be satisfied with a photo I took of the loveseat while Rick and I were in the furniture store a few weeks ago. It fits perfectly in the den and I've already initiated it by sitting on it to read and watch TV and the all-important napping.

Not much else is happening. Today Rick and I went out for our weekly golf game. Sigh... Let's just say that today was not one of my best efforts. This is all very discouraging because we are leaving the end of next week for a weeklong golfing vacation in Central California. The first round of golf will actually be in an annual family and friends golf tournament which always causes me great consternation and fear. Although the people we play with are all very nice, there is a certain amount of competitiveness amongst the men and women and it makes for a very stressful round of golf. Yes, I know I should ignore the psychological torment and have a good time but I just can't seem to get over caring what these people think of my game. Oh well, we have one more practice round before we leave and maybe I will miraculously find the perfect swing somewhere on the golf course. To steal a mantra from my sister Lynn, "breathe in, breathe out."


Renee said...

Yup! Just breathe, it will all be fine.

Why do we make these things so much worse in our heads than they could ever be?

Linda said...

Great looking love seat! I want one like that!

I know what you mean about wanting to have a good game but just enjoy yourself, relax, and you'll play the game of your life and have fun while doing it.

Oh, and definitely just breathe in and breathe out!

Patti said...

I'm lovin' that loveseat! We need a another piece of furniture to sit on around here. Ralph brings his own chair, but...

Sis has the right idea: breathe in, breathe out!

patches said...

I think it is great that your Mom still enjoys getting out...I can't imagine taking my in-laws to a casino. Just taking them to the grocery store is a challenge to sanity.

The couch looks great.