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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Map Skills???

I've always prided myself on my ability to read a map. I can still remember learning how to navigate using a map when I was in elementary school. Whenever we've taken road trips, I've always been the one to plot our route and to make sure we've been on course to our destination.

In some respects, mapping online sites such as Mapquest and Google Maps have taken much of the fun out of planning our trips. Yes, I admit that I use these sites to find directions to destinations around town and when we travel. Even so, I always make sure we have a map in our car to follow along when we're traveling to places we've never been before. What can I say...I'm a map junkie.

So why did I not put a stop to it when Rick started talking about buying a portable GPS unit for the car? Several of our friends now have units and I think Rick was feeling a little left out and behind-the-times. He's been doing his usual in-depth research on the different units and features and I figured it would be months and months before he would decide which one to actually buy.

Anyway, we mentioned our interest in GPS units to my cousin Ina when we had dinner with her two weekends ago. She has a unit and she was telling us how wonderfully convenient it is. Then last Thursday, she sent me an e-mail with the news that she'd been given a new one and that she was generously donating her older one to us. We met for dinner on Saturday and Rick and I are now the proud owners of a portable GPS device.

Here's the surprising part...I've been having waaaay too much fun with it. Since Rick is a technophobe at heart, I've been playing with the unit trying to figure out all the cool features and I think I have it down pat. I've already programmed some of the hotels we're staying at on our fast approaching golf vacation as "Favorites" and I've checked the "Points of Interest" feature to make sure the golf courses we're playing are included. Oh boy!

Of course, you can be sure that I will still take along those old-fashioned things called "maps." What can I say...I'm still a 20th Century girl living in a 21st Century world.


Patti said...

I've always liked road maps, too. And Ralph is really good at directions.

We don't have a GPS and with our situation these days, won't be buying one anytime soon.

It does sound like it's fun. ;-D

Renee said...

ryi: DH has to use computers at work so he's used to doing the IM thing and it's pretty handy for when he has to go out of town...we both hate paying for something we can have for free.

re: GPS I'm fasinated, but my friend has one on her phone and she's had it steer her wrong...a lot! course I think the problem is she'll ask for it to take her to the nearest XX and it doesn't always see the one right across the street. LOL!

A blogger friend took her GPS with her on vacation and Loved being able to find her way around like a native.

have fun!

rosemary said...

Steve has a GPS on his phone....good for Steve. I like maps made of paper in my weird voices, no subtlety when I tell Steve to Turn Left NOW. I do like the in car GPS when we rent a vehicle. i like to change the languages.

meno said...

My husband has GPS in his car. He has it on ALL the time, even when driving to the local grocery store, where he has been 1,000 times. It drives me crazy. But one time it came in handy in Maryland!

Ralph said...

I grew up with a love of maps, and I would still rather know where I am going in advance...I don't want a GPS, thank you!

Anyone remember the AAA Triptik? Those were the best, read up the map, 50 miles per page. No trip boredom with them!

the moose buyer said...

It warms my heart to see how easily I can make you happy. You and Lynn have been pretty darn great cousins considering how much younger than I am you guys are and anything I can do to make you both happy truly gives me great pleasure.

Susie said...

My husband is a great lover of maps too. He hasn't mentioned wanting a GPS, but I bet he'd enjoy it!
have fun on your trip north.

Pam said...

Hi Joan! When we bought our Honda Odyssey back in 2000, we got our first GPS... we will never buy another car without one! I am the Queen of Misdirection and it has gotten me out of more jams than I can count. The best part is that it always knows where I am. I only have to tell it where I want to go and voila! It gets me there.

I am only just beginning to try to catch up after being gone from six months' absence from blogging, and when I read about Rick's unfortunate Y experience I couldn't help but think how much he and my husband have in common... Joe is an avid golfer and I gave him a Breitling watch a few years ago as an anniversary gift. He feels Rick's pain...