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Friday, December 12, 2008

Gifts for the House

Why is it that household expenditures always seem necessary around the holidays? It never fails that something goes wrong around this time of the year requiring money leaving our pockets. It's no fun going out to the home center trying to buy gadgets and other "stuff" for the house when I could be out amongst the throngs shopping for gifts.

Today Rick and I will be going to a few home centers to look for a new ceiling fan, a new bathroom light fixture and a few other small items for the house. It's a long story but basically the new garbage disposer installed at the beginning of the week requires that we have an electrician come out to change the electrical do-dad beneath the kitchen sink. What can I say...we have a very old house. Since that will take all of a few minutes for an expert to do, we figure we might as well have Mr. Electrician do some of the other work we've been talking about.

While I'm sure Mr. Electrician will appreciate the work and the money that comes with it, Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner will not be so happy to write that check. It's like buying tires for a car...they're a necessity but what fun are they?


rosemary said...

Oh the electrician bill sitting in the pay me basket...added 3 breakers, split the plugs in the kitchen so nothing blows if i use more than one appliance, put up the heat strips on the satellite structure and ran wire for the same strips and lights....800 smackers.

Mary said...


Electricians do not come cheap, nor do plumbers. We've certainly had our share of electrical and plumbing contractors in the last couple of years - to a total of about $2,000. Hope your electrician is a fair man.


Renee said...

you saw my post about my dryer, right? Well the oven tried to be bad just a few days later...and right now DH has a part on order for my dishwasher...AND the other day the frig decided to dump water all over my floor...the water leaked into the basement.

Luckily, DH fixed the dryer for about $4, I fixed the oven, dishwasher is still on order, and I fixed the frig too. DH & I were both wondering if our appliances are cursed or something.

I sure hate wasting my gift on something for the house. This computer and then the monitor were both anniversary presents.

I do hope that you'll be happy with all your new electrical stuff though.

Patti said...

Tires are no fun. I've been riding around with a donut for three weeks now. Can't seem to find time to go to the tire store and get the real one repaired.
It's always something, that's for sure.