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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back From the Mall

Okay...I guess I should have posted this graphic a few weeks ago to explain my absence from BlogLand. I just never thought I'd be gone for such a long time.

Yes, I've been shopping like a mad woman trying to fill in wardrobe gaps for my upcoming cruise. So far I've bought pants, jeans, blouses, t-shirts, walking shoes and a few other necessities I won't mention. I honestly thought I needed nothing for this cruise but, once I looked in my closet, I realized that a few new articles of clothing wouldn't be such a bad idea. That's when my shopping mania took over.

I'm proud to admit that each and every item was bought on sale. My mantra? "Never pay retail." The best bargain were my $150 walking shoes which I picked up for a mere $12. Pretty good, huh?

Aside from shopping, not much has been happening. We celebrated my Mom's birthday and then Mother's Day and I'm spending quite a bit of time with her this month between the YMCA Aquatics classes, her multiple doctor appointments and lunches, of course.

The only other news is that Hubby and I signed up for Verizon's FIOS fiber optic phone, Hi-Def TV and computer service. Installation is scheduled for next Saturday and supposedly this will make my computer connectivity speed much much faster. Technology changes always make me a little nervous but I'm hoping everything will go well with no glitches. Fingers crossed.


Renee said...

I need a good reason to go shopping...I keep going without a reason.

rosemary said...

I'm looking for a reason to go shopping.....looking really hard. i wish we even had a choice for in the sticks has benefits and drawbacks.

the moose buyer said...

I keep saying this but I swear you got Auntie Evelyn's shopping gene because I for sure didn't.

Linda said...

Considering you have such a hard time finding the right size shoes, that IS a great buy!

Patti said...

Congrats on the great price you got on the walking shoes.
You done good. ;-)