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Saturday, April 25, 2009

For the Love of Books

Today Judy and I drove to the UCLA campus to attend the 2009 Los Angeles Times' Festival of Books. This annual event brings publishers, bookstores, libraries, and other organizations associated with the love of books to one place where booths are set-up to promote books, reading and other cultural activities.

Authors come to talk about their books and writing styles during various panel discussions while others come to sign their books for excited fans. There are cooking demonstrations, live music, poetry readings and other great entertainment. It's a heck of a lot of fun for adults and children alike.

This year's attendance seemed just as strong as in the past (it's a free event for the public) although we did notice that several of our favoritie bookstores (including one really large chain) and a few other regular vendors were not present. There also seemed to be fewer free little gifts which are often handed out at booths. All this we are definitely chalking up to the current state of the economy.

Still, it was a lovely day. Our only complaint? As usual, the weather forecasters got it all wrong. In years past, we've often experienced blazing hot sunny weather for the event. This year, all the weather gurus promised partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 60's. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! It was sunny and warm to start and it just kept getting warmer and warmer as the hours passed. You'd think we would learn what to expect weatherwise after all these years. Sigh...


Renee said...

The sun just couldn't stay away from all those good books!

glad you had fun anyway.

Lynn said...

Those weatherpeople should be called weatherguessers instead!

Patti said...

Sounds like a fun event, despite the weather.

It's 83 degrees here today - a record breaker. And it's 92 degrees in Manhattan.

Betty said...

That sounds like so much fun!

rosemary said...

i attended was a great event and lots of fun.

Patti said...

* award alert * chez moi.

Mary said...


The festival sounds wonderful. I would have enjoyed it. Glad you had a great time.

Just stopping by to see how you're doing.