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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where Did My Scrubs Go?

I realize I haven't been around lately but I have a really good excuse. My sister Lynn had foot surgery last Thursday and I've been playing nursemaid at her house during the week while her hubby is at work and the kids are at school.

She (and her foot) are doing well but, with the need to keep her foot elevated most of the time right now, I'm needed to run up and down the stairs, get things for her and just make sure she doesn't get herself into any trouble. I've also been chauffeuring her around while she sits in the back with her leg resting on the seat. Yep, that's right...Driving Miss Lynn.

Anyway, her 2nd post-op appointment is next Monday and we're hoping her podiatrist allows her a little more freedom. Until then, just call me Nurse Joan.


Renee said...

that's so sweet of you to care for her...but doesn't she have a lap top computer? ;)

rosemary said...

Good work Nurse Joan.....that weight lost week thingy over there on your side bar? going up and down stairs can work miracles.

Lynn said...

We should all call you 'Angel Joan'.

Patti said...

I wish I had a nursemaid! I'm an only child. :-(

Mary said...


What a loving and caring sister you are. I'm glad she is doing okay. Michelle just had surgery on April 3rd and so I've been busier than usual helping her out as well. It's hectic but I'm glad you are lending her a hand.