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Monday, March 30, 2009

Money In Our Pocket

If you take a look at my vacation countdown timer on my sidebar, you'll see that our Baltic cruise is fast approaching. This week we make our final payment and, minus our $900 deposit in October, it's one very large $$$ amount. I've been fretting over it for some time now (what with the economy the way it is and our investments significantly down) but we are determined to make the trip and enjoy every moment of it.

One of the things I've been doing to ease my mind is monitoring the cruise line's website to see what's been happening with our cruise fare. Cruise lines are hurting big time and I have been reading message boards where the hot topic seems to be the falling cruise prices. Sure enough, today I discovered that our cabin category price was reduced by $620 per person. I called our travel agent who, in turn, called the cruise line. The result is that each of the five of us is having our final payment reduced by that amount. For the two of us, that means a savings of $1,240 which is nothing to sneeze at.

Is this the end of it? Heck no! I'm guessing that fares will continue to drop as the cruise lines struggle to fill up their ships with guests this summer. Hopefully we'll see more savings even after making the final payment and, you can be sure, I'll be watching our cruise line's website with a great deal of interest.


Renee said...

I sure hope that you get an even bigger discount. I think that's the one good thing about the poor economy is that those of us who have been saving up for something big can get a really good deal on it. YAY!
DH would really like to invest some more, but he is a bit worried about all the companies going under. I think we're going to wait a bit longer.

Linda said...

Good for you! Hope that it continues to fall and that you'll be able to enjoy your cruise while saving a considerable amount of cash. One of these days maybe I'll be able to go on a cruise ... maybe!

rosemary said...

good for trip planned for us this year...maybe next year to Norway.

Lynn said...

I know who to put on the 'lookout' next time I plan a vacation!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

So glad you got a discount and hope you will get more. This is a great time to take a cruise or make a major purchase if you can afford it. It also helps the economy.
DH and I had planned on a cruise when he retires in a couple of years. Since our 401Ks lost about 50%, that may not be possible.

Pam said...

By the time the big day arrives maybe they will be paying you to go on the cruise!

Mary said...


I'm glad you were able to get a discount on your fare. That is a blessing and hope that you are able to get it reduced further.

You've been on my mind. I hope all is well with you.


Patti said...

That's great that the price is going down.