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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Word to the Wise...

Okay...I've learned my laptop lesson Wanna know what it is? In plain English...never let your laptop sit in its case for months on end without taking it out, turning it on and letting the darn thing do its updating thing.

This morning, in preparation for syncing my new iPod Touch, I took out my much ignored laptop, turned it on and then went through hours of agonizing grief trying to get all 40 updates (yes, 40) to load properly.

...and then, when I finally managed to get most of the updates installed properly, I made the ridiculous decision to try and load Vista's Service Pack 1 (which failed when I tried in January). Yes, I finally got it to install fully and now Silver Wonder seems to be working OK but not without a whole lot of grief.

...and then, when I went to load iTunes on the laptop before syncing the iPod, of course that didn't go quite as planned...but it finally got done.

...and then I tried syncing the iPod and that didn't go quite as planned...but it finally got done.

...and then I tried to load one free Games app as a first step and that didn't go quite as planned...but it finally got done.

...and, at that point, I unplugged the iPod, turned it off, turned off the laptop and left it all in a heap on the dining room table.

After all...tomorrow is another day.


Renee said...

I know you didn't get what you wanted to do done, but you got a lot accomplished. Don't give up yet...there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

soon you'll be all synched up!

Linda said...

It's never easy, is it? Glad to hear that you got that all out of the way and just think, you learned a valuable lesson in the process! :-0

rosemary said...

You are persistent....I would have stopped at update #3

the moose buyer said...

you are a cousin after my own heart who fortunately knows a lot more about technology than I do. Don't give up kiddo. I have faith in you.

HalfCrazy said...


Yeah, tomorrow is another day so think about it tomorrow! :P

You really should use your laptop more often and donate it or something! Using it once or twice a week is good.

Much Love,

rosemary said...

to answer, Joan. I went to the signature site, did my signature three times before I figured it out. but, after you get your signature, you cut and paste it under settings/formatting at the last place scrolling down where it has a box for post. i was determined....usually I go the way of my comment here....forget it, too much work.