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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oops...I Did What?!?!?

I feel like such a dolt right now. I just noticed that we seem to be missing one of the two wall chargers that came with our cell phones and which normally sit on the bookshelf with our TV. And I also discovered that, instead of having two Bluetooth headset chargers, we somehow have three.

A few months ago, I purchased a new Bluetooth headset and had to exchange it for a new one three times when they kept dying after only a few weeks. Apparently, when I packed up one of the headsets with its accessories, I must have accidently packed my cell phone charger instead of the Bluetooth one. Damn!

Thankfully Rick and I have the same phone model so we can, in theory, get along with just the one phone charger. Still...there are times we need to charge our phones at the same time and what happens when one of us goes out of town without the other? Who gets custody of the one charger?

Like I said...I feel like such a dolt.


Renee said...

oops! Perhaps you can call the place you sent the chargers to and see if they might send you one...or how much they'll charge you for one.
I've found most places to be really friendly about stuff like this.

rosemary said...

I'd but another one...not terribly expensive and might save a few words.

rosemary said...


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Don't feel like a dolt. With all the chargers it takes to function in our wireless electronic world, its no wonder that you got them confused. They should have the name of the item they charge clearly printed on them.

Linda said...

Sounds like something I would do! Right now I'm having a horrible time finding the battery charger for both my Nikon and Kodak cameras. Not good! I'm sure they're still packed in a box somewhere as I've yet to go through everything but it's really frustrating not knowing where they are.

As for custody, well ... I think you're going to have to buy another charger in order to keep the peace!

Mary said...


Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes costly ones.

One time hubby hooked his flashlight up to the wrong charger. He had gone next door to help out the neighbor and I could smell something that reminded me of electrical wiring. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find the source. I finally phoned for him to come home and though it took him a few minutes, he found it. The side of the flashlight had completely melted.

Have a great week.

Patricia said...

We've got chargers all over the place here. One of these days I'll get around to dispatching the ones that went with our old phones! One thing about your new i-pod and i-tunes. When we first got ours we tried to pick and choose the songs we wanted from our CD collection. Takes too long. It's much easier to add all your CDs .. yes all of them to your i-tunes library. Then it's easy to select what you want for your various playlists because you can organize your library by artists or album ect. Have fun!

Ivanhoe said...

Hi! I found your comment on Linda's blog so I'm just stopping by to say hello. I love your cruise timer. I have to check out that Pyzem site and get one for my blog. We are going on a Grand Med cruise in October. Too bad it's 200days away :o) I cannot wait.
Hope you have a great time on your Baltic cruise!