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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can You Hear Me?

I'm beginning to think there's a communication conspiracy against me. First, I seem to be having problems sending and receiving some messages on my web-based email account. A friend sent me a message on Tuesday and it never appeared in my in-box. And I'm thinking I haven't heard from a few other friends in the past few days and that has me worried.

Then...I've had my cell phone in my pocket from the moment I got up this morning and I just looked down and discovered someone left me a voice mail message. When I dialed in to hear it, it turned out to be my sister who called this morning when my phone was with me and definitely turned on. Did it ring or vibrate, absolutely not.

Is it something I said? Is is something I wrote? Have I somehow offended the communication gods? Whatever it is...please make it go away.


Renee said...

awwe hugs! I've frequently had my phone not ring when I'm right here near it...look and see I've missed a call. sigh! I don't know why.

about the email though sometimes it takes a bit before the mail comes through. I find that frequently I get old emails in a bunch. :p

Linda said...

My cell phone does that to me sometimes, too, and for no good reason at all. I think it's just a cell phone thing!

Hope everything works out the kinks soon, though!

Patti said...

I've not had any e-mail probs (knock on wood) but I do have probs with my cell phone. It may just be my lack of technological skill.