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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Catch-up

* My sisterly nursing duties are now a thing of the past. I guess I can put my little white cap away until the next family medical episode.

* I had to take Hubby's car in to the repair shop today. The darn "Check Engine" light came on again. It turned out to be a potentially faulty gas cap. Total cost: $0.00 Whew!!!

* I picked up Hubby's medication at the pharmacy this afternoon while on my way to WMart to exchange a knee brace he bought for a slightly smaller one. My wifely duties are never done.

* I'm still waiting for the paperback fiction book I ordered online for Hubby. Can you guess what's the general theme of this book? One word: golf! I'm hoping he will save it for our 10 hour plane trip in June to meet our cruise ship.

* My new pair of shoes, ordered online, was delivered late today. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

* I confirmed my lunch plans with two Library friends scheduled for Friday.

* I tweaked the Baltic cruise countdown timer on my sidebar this afternoon since we're now flying to London two days earlier than originally planned.

* I'm planning to take Mom to the YMCA Arthritis Aquatics class tomorrow. I guess I'd better go search the house to find that ever elusive swimsuit.


Renee said...

so glad your sister is feeling better!

and I'm glad you love the new shoes...I hope that I feel the same about the ones that I want.

Renee said...

re: will
with no will your stuff would go to your hubby and his to you. If it can't go to the spouse it would be divided equally and go to your nearest blood relative...they would start at your parents and then go to each of your siblings. So unless you don't want that to happen or you would like for it to happen faster (estates with no will take longer..has to go through the courts and then they have to find your relatives) then you don't have to get a will... on line and will kits can do the job too.
We have the only copies of our wills...the lawyer just wrote it out and got some witnesses to see us sign it and make sure we weren't crazy. and it helps that the military provides free legal help.

It makes me feel a tiny bit better that everything will be spelled out as soon as I fill out the final wishes paperwork that we got.

Mary said...


I'm glad your nursing duties are over for the time being and also happy you helped your sister out when she needed you.

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It is a good movie.


Patti said...

Hi Joan,
You have been busy. I'm glad Lynn is on the mend. I know all about wifely duties never ending. ;-)