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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let the Packing Begin

No one is allowed near my dining room right now. My dining table looks like the insides of my suitcase have exploded and the contents have landed right smack on it. I’ve been spending the past few weeks out shopping for travel accessories as well as shirts, sweaters and other travel wear and all the bags have been thrown on to the table to keep everything together. I learned a long time ago that, if I used the table as a gather place for travel stuff, it would make the packing process a whole lot saner. I think I’ve reached the maximum capacity for the table though so I guess it means it’s time to start packing. Yes, I know we still have 4 days until we leave but I’ve also learning NOT to leave this chore to the last minute just in case I’ve forgotten to buy something.

So…the first step is to open up the suitcases to let them air out before beginning the arduous task of packing and I did this a few days ago. I have all the large Ziploc bags I use (instead of SpaceSaver bags) ready to be filled with clothes and then tightly sealed. I have my 4 page packing list all set to go. My pen is poised to start checking off items as they go into the suitcases.

OK…so why am I sitting here at the computer instead of in my dining room unbagging all my new stuff, removing the tags on the clothing, folding everything neatly before placing them in the plastic bags, laying the bags in the suitcases? Did I mention I find packing the most loathsome part of traveling? How about you?


Linda said...

Procrastination thy name is Joan! For today at least!

I dislike packing myself but it's a necessary evil, isn't it? Just think only a few days and then all this will be behind you!

Ralph said...

Joan, when I traveled more by plane in earlier times, I was packed for the trip at least 48 hours...and I'd have everthing staged as close to the door as possible. I'd always wear a sport jacket with the tickets, passport, etc. loaded into the inside pocket, and the jacket was laying over the can't be too prepared!

Lynne said...

Just make sure to leave a little room in your suitcase for me!

rosemary said...

I'm just glad it is you not me.....When I win the lottery I'll hire someone to pack for me.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh i don't mind packing. except sarge gets into the act and does what i call grazing. as they are about to be closed he wanders around the house and adds things.

this is getting exciting now, really!

smiles, bee

ms chica said...

The time has passed rather quickly! I remember going through the steps you mentioned, now I usually pack 24 hours in advance (My trips average 3-4 days in length). For me the biggest hassle is keeping up with security restrictions since I don't check bags very often.

Susie said...

I actually enjoy planning the packing, but not the actual putting it in the suitcase. I wish I learned the art of traveling light, but I enjoy wearing lots of different clothes!

Patti said...

I'm with Bee. This is getting exciting!
Good work on procrastinating by blogging instead of packing. I love it.

Pam said...

I hate packing too because it's so final and I'm so indecisive. And I always overpack. We have a couple trips coming up in the fall (one to your neck of the woods) and I'm hoping I don't overpack. For once.

If I don't "see" you again before you leave (due to the insanity of all this post-grad party stuff), have a wonderful trip!! Look forward to reading all about it and hope you'll include pictures!

Renee said...

I'm pretty neurotic about packing too. I make a checklist for myself in a grid to make sure I pack enough underwear & socks...know why? Cuz on my honeymoon I forgot to pack socks! I was so miserable w/o socks...we looked everywhere to buy me some socks and ended up with some Miney Mouse socks (we went to Epcot for our honeymoon!)...I would wash them out at night and let them air dry on the A/C unit. It was so pittiful.
I find it a lot easier when I know that if I've forgotten anything I can just buy another. It is also a HUGE help that I only have to pack for me now. DD gets a checklist like mine and packs for herself...whew!

Good luck with the packing and the stress. I've still gotta find someone to watch my dog...I sure hope this number in the paper works out!

Lynn said...

Noooo. You can't be packing already...or even avoiding packing's too soon. I'm not ready for you to be leaving this week. I don't like packing either.

MyUtopia said...

I am so jealous of your trip!

the moose buyer said...

Ziploc bags - what a great idea while I am packing also (Joan's going to Ireland, I am going to Iowa - well at least they both start with an "I").

Thanks for the great idea cousin. Do you have any others??

Joan said...

Linda: I am so looking ahead trying to just get through the next few days.

Ralph: We too place our luggage at the front door ready to go. This year we're taking our bags over to our friends' house the night before the rented shuttle takes us to the airport.

Lynne: Remarkably we might just have some room in our bags although you might need to be a contortionist to fit.

Rosemary: Now there's a job (rented packer) I think I'd pass on.

Empress bee: Rick usually folds most of his clothes and then my job is to actually arrange them in the bag. He's getting better and better each time at helping!

Ms Chica: Packing for a few days is so much easier...we've taken enough short trips so that I know exactly what to take.

Susie: I dont even what what "packing light" means although this time we have such luggage limits that I'm finding out.

Patti: I excel at procrastinating!

Pam: Thanks for the wishes! And I too am so indecisive...too many choices of clothing.

Renee: Oh, oh...I need to go check my list to make sure I have my socks listed.

Lynn: We both must have inherited the "hate packing" gene.

Myutopia: Don't be jealous...just remember, I have to spend way too many hours on an airplane!! :~)

Ina: I got the Ziploc idea from a cruise message board a few years ago. They worked on our first cruise and we've used them ever since. Have fun in Iowa!!!

Toni said...

I also hate packing. Even worse is UNPACKING!

the moose buyer said...

you know, I don't know where the three of us got the "hate packing bug". Mom and Auntie E didn't mind it at all. Maybe it was because they knew they would be seeing each other very soon.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

I am such a 'type A' personality that I pack weeks before a trip. I'm really quite annoying that way. I could never leave it to last minute, gawd, I'd break out in hives or something. What if I'd forget something? And there's just not enough time to get it now that I've left it so late?

Nah, not for me. I pack early. I have checklists, I go through them twice. Then I keep a notepad in my purse for the week or so before I actually leave, in case something 'pops' into my head...and I write it down, so I can remember to pack it too.

Don't you just hate people like me...hehe.

By the way, will you have internet access while you're gone? And when will you be back?

I love the new desing on the blog by the way...very serene. Nice.

Rhea said...

I actually like packing. It's like distilling your entire life down to the essentials.

Joan said...

Toni: Don't even remind me that I'll have all that unpacking to do.

The moose buyer: Are you sure they didnt mind packing??? Maybe they were just good at pretending!

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer: Thanks! I feel vindicated. My friends all laugh at my packing list obsession but now I know I'm not alone! I'm not taking my laptop so my only access will be either at an Internet cafe or public library...I'll try. We'll be home June 24th which I know will come too quickly!

Rhea: If we lived closer, I'd hire you to come pack for me. :~)

Pam said...

Happy trails, Rapunzel! (Referring to your long, flingy hair.) Have a pint of ale for me!