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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sis...Back At You

This morning I traveled on over to my sister’s blog and what do I find…a post blaming me for her sudden car problems. Honest…just because I had a flat tire on Friday and had to buy 4 new ones, it’s no reason to make me responsible for her auto problems. And since we’re laying blame, I guess I should turn around and blame her for my 7AM trip back to the auto dealership tomorrow because my car isn't getting the improved gas mileage I was promised when I was there recently.

Ten days ago, I brought my car in for its scheduled 60,000 mile service. I always ask for the same service writer, David, who has always been friendly and trustworthy and, after filling out the paperwork, I went to sit in the waiting room. After waiting for an hour, I suddenly heard my name blaring over the loudspeaker asking me to come to the service office. Now this is normally not a good sign…it usually means they’ve found something else to spend money on. Sure enough, David told me the service tech recommended that I have some “carbon thingy” done to my car and this would help it get better gas mileage. Surprisingly, this procedure wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg (it was less than $100) so I agreed to have it done.

Here it is 1 ½ weeks later and, after two fill-ups of gas, I realize that I’m not getting improved gas mileage. In fact, the MPG numbers are significantly LESS than before. Duh…this can’t be right. I called on Friday and made an appointment to bring my car in bright and early tomorrow morning to find out what’s the deal with this. With the price of gas the way it is, I’m just hoping they can get my gas mileage back to at least where it was before they “fixed” it. Won't David be surprised to see me?!?!

So…if my sister can blame me for her car problems, then I can blame her for mine. Take that, Sis!


patches said...

If you can't blame your sisters why have them at all. Let us know the verdict on the gas millage thingy, I'm curious.

patti said...

I'm an only child. Guess I can't have any fun blaming anyone. :-(

meno said...

My daughter came within inches of backing into the house this morning. I think that's probably your fault too, since i have no sister.

Renee said...

wow! I think that David sold you a bill of goods there. Yeah, make him take it out and put a good one in or find your old one. LOL!

I hope your car is running in tip top shape soon.

PEA said...

There are three types of people I don't trust...politicians...lawyers and car mechanics! lol I swear when you bring your car in to have something repaired, they'll make sure something else goes wrong with it!! Ugh! xox

Ralph said...

You can't blame Lynn for have no personality, they break down only when it's time to break emotions at all! How can you blame your sister, the other Bayside belle? Heavens no!!!

the moose buyer said...

I think you are your uncle Bill's true daughter and not me. He too kept track of his gas mileage and none of us do it.

I guess since I drive the SUV and not some gas saving little car, I feel I deserve whatever I have to pay for gas. I hope the service persons didn't just give you a bill of good.

Val said...

Don't you hate it when you pay money for something and you wind up worse off than before? Especially as there didn't seem to be a "problem" before? Hopefully it's just a matter of the carbon thingy not being installed correctly.

Lynn said...

Hey, the lousy gas mileage was happening before I had car problems. But if you want to blame me...fine...I have broad shoulders;~) Let's talk tomorrow morning since we will both be at our respective car dealers at 7am.

Michele said...

Well, the age old problem of sibling rivalry still lives on... haha... good luck with this one!

Susie said...

I wonder what he installed? Doesn't it say on your work order?
Sometimes a tune up will improve mileage, but I can't think of many parts that will do that.
I worked in an auto shop for lots of years, and know that in our shop, if the customer wasn't satisfied we would give them their money back!
Good luck!

rosemary said...

Sister, brother, cousin, parents, is our duty to blame them for things like for David...I can hardly wait to hear about his wonder cure for gas savings and why it didn't work!!!

Linda said...

I have never had a sister to blame things on and my brothers staunchly refuse to shoulder any of the blame either. Guess I'll just have to blame things on my kids!

Hope that they get your car back into peak performance. No one can afford to get worse mileage these days!

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

I'm with Patti - an only child. THis is just one more way that I'm missing out on stuff. Sigh.

PS- I hate having to trust mechanics. I know you gotta trust 'someone' at 'some point'... but wouldn't it be nice to have one in the family? That way, you'd never have to wonder if they're taking you for 'a ride'. As a matter of fact, it'd be nice to have a lawyer, and a doctor too...

Joan said...

Patches: Yep...I guess sisters do have a purpose in life...blame!

Patti: Growing up, there were times I wished I was an only child. Now I'm glad I wasn't.

Meno: I'll take the shoulders are wide.

Renee: I think I need your auto expertise.

Pea: I agree on your choices for the most untrustworthy groups!

Ralph: I only blamed Lynn because she blamed me first!!

The moose buyer: I thought EVERYONE kept track of their MPG...silly me.

Val: It wouldnt be so bad if I spent the money and nothing improved...but to get worse?!?!?!!?

Lynn: I can blame you when I want!!!

Michele: There's no rivalry...we both know I'm the "good" one!

Susie: Actually I think it wasnt a part but more of a cleaning of the fuel system...I think. Nothing like paying for something you dont know anything about.

Rosemary: I'm usually better about asking what something is before paying for it...dont know where my brain was.

Linda: The recipient of the blame doesnt necessarily have to agree to it so, go ahead, blame those brothers of yours.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer: I've made a list of careers my niece and nephew are allowed to mechanice is right up there near the top. :~)

sari said...

Meno made me laugh out loud!

chelle said...

why don't you just reconcile with each other... since you're both sisters, maybe it would be better for the both of you to share for the fixing of the car.. however,it still depends on you to decide what to do...i had my car problems too, my headlight rim...but i can't blame my husband for the damage..all we have to do is to find replacement for its
mercedes headlight rim too can just solve the problem together.. :)