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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back In My Own Bed

I've been away from BlogLand for the past few days thanks to my house-sitting, Mom-sitting, dog-sitting, kitties-sitting, foreign exchange students-sitting time at my sister's home while they were off camping this weekend.

I've done this every July now for a few years but this time they added my niece's two new kitties plus the two foreign exchange students they have been hosting for a few weeks. Actually, Yulia (from Russia) and Surya (from Indonesia) spent most of the weekend in San Francisco but I picked them up at the meeting point Sunday evening and then got them ready on Monday to be picked up for their morning English class/afternoon Santa Barbara excursion. Surya left for home Monday evening and Yulia will be here for another few days and then leave for home late Sunday. I know it's been a great experience not only for these two fine young people but also for my niece and nephew who have had an opportunity to learn something about life in other countries.

On another note...I've been trudging along with my black walking boot counting the weeks until I can get rid of it. Besides being difficult to find a shoe for my left foot that is the same height as the boot on my right, it's been really hot and humid here in Southern California and my leg feels like it's in an oven. The good news is that I tested the injured area this morning and the pain seems to have disappeared. Yeah!!! So now I'm thinking maybe I won't need to wear the boot for the entire four weeks. I think I'll give it another week and then call the podiatrist and plead my case. I can be pretty convincing when I need to be.


Lynne said...

Even though your foot feels better now, please don't overdo!

Check my blog - I just gave you an award!

meno said...

I know how you feel about the boot. I had to wear one for 6 weeks when i broke my ankle. I guess you just need to be grateful that it's not a cast and can be removed for showers and sleep.

And what lynne said.

Linda said...

Good to have you back!

Don't be too premature with the removal of the boot, though. Sometimes things are not as healed as we think they are.

Lynn said...

Did I say thanks?

Mary said...


Just be careful about having the boot removed early. You wouldn't want to have to have it put back on. I'm glad though that the pain is gone. I'm sure it makes you uncomfortable.

It's nice that your niece and nephew had the opportunity to enjoy the company of the exchange students. What an experience.

I took the boys to the public pool tonight for another swim and they had a blast. It was hot & humid here today and they got cooled off and had a lot of fun. That pool is very reasonable at $2.50 each. A great way to end a hot day. By the time we got home they were ready for bed.

Take care of yourself and your foot.

Susie said...

Hi Joan,
I know just what you mean about the boot cast. I was wearing it during some of the hottest weather we've had here. It really is hard finding a shoe for the other foot that is the right height. Hope you get the all clear from the podiatrist!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I'm pleased to hear the foot is doing so much better. But I would be careful taking the boot off too soon because these things to crop up when you least expect it! My husband's foot went through the same experience and had only re-injured it when removing the boot too soon and the recovery the second time was so much longer... but check with Mr. Podiatrist... I am sure he knows best!
Good luck and thanks for the good wishes on my Anniversary!

Renee said...

well I guess I don't need to nag you about keeping your boot on... try to stay cool with it.

I'm so glad that your foot is feeling better. did I miss what was wrong with it?

Patti said...

Sorry the boot thing is making your leg feel like it's being roasted for dinner.

I hope the podiatrist gives you some good news.

Mom said...

I know that you are glad to be back in your own bed.
Like everyone else I urge you not to hurry taking off that uncomfortable boot. A week of discomfort now could make a great difference in your comfort level for years to come.