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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blame It On Mom (and Dad Too)

It's never a good thing when your doctor's nurse leaves a voice mail message on your cell phone less than 24 hours after you've done your lab me. Rick and I were playing golf with friends yesterday morning (OK...I spent most of the holes sitting in the golf cart nursing my still-hurting foot) and, when we were done, I checked my phone and retrieved the message which basically said "call me back ASAP." So I did and that's when I got hit with the bad news. My LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) number was way off the charts! Yikes! So now my doctor has switched me to a more effective cholesterol-lowering medication and, of course, I have to watch my diet and do that evil thing called "exercise." Then I have to re-test in three months. Can you hear me sighing...?

So now I'm even more depressed than I was on Monday when I was told my blood pressure numbers were too high. You have to understand...yes, I haven't been exercising like I should...I admit it. But except for a sudden yen for salty crunchy snacks (which probably explains the rise in blood pressure), my diet has always been a low fat, low cholesterol one. When I look at the list of foods to avoid, I'm already avoiding most, if not all, of them. All some people need to do is cut out all the bad food and their cholesterol numbers come down dramatically. Not mine! Geez, I lost 40 pounds nine years ago after my original high cholesterol, high blood pressure diagnosis and my bad lab numbers did not budge...not one point! The doctor's reasoning was simple...blame Mom and Dad for my lousy genetic makeup.

So I guess that means I need to do it with a combination of my more potent drugs AND exercise. Oh wait! My foot problem is causing excrutiating pain when I simply walk. How am I going to add cardio exercises to my life when I can't put even the slightest pressure on my foot without pain? I guess that's a question the podiatrist is going to have to answer when I see him this morning. Lucky man.

Update: Well I'm back from the podiatrist appointment and the good news is that the Xrays indicate no stress fracture. The bad news is that the diagnosis remains undefined. He and I both assume it's some kind of soft tissue injury so he gave me a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation and then put me in one of those heavy black orthopedic boots which I need to wear for 4 weeks (count 'em...4) until I have my next appointment with him. This will not be a fun month and it means golf and all the cardio exercises I was planning to start need to be put on hold. Damn!


Renee said...

oh man! I'm sorry to hear this. I was thinking that you could sign up for water aerobics and maybe that wouldn't put any stress on your poor footsie.
but yeah, let's hear what the foot doc says. I hope it isn't too bad.

and our parents give us all the fun genes!

Ralph said...

The shame is that cholesterol is so often hereditary. Mine is low, certainly not due to my diet. Yet, exercise and diet control are needed by me for all the right reasons, it's good for me despite the low cholesterol...

Linda said...

Oh, that sigh was what I heard all the way over here on the East Coast? I wondered what that was!

My family has notoriously high cholesterol, too, on top of diabetes and Lord knows what else so I'm lucky I've avoided that bullet so far but I've got a doctor's appointment next week and I think I can already tell you a few of the things I'm going to hear. Expect a big sigh from my side of the country next Tuesday!

Glad to hear you don't have a stress fracture but it would be nice to know what's wrong! Hang in there!

Lynn said...

So the exercise that you can do means that you have to actually put on a bathing suit...that really stinks! However, since I want you around for a long time...think back stroke, side stroke, free style, float:~)

the moose buyer said...

All I can say is oh crap and I am certainly grateful I have Uncle Bill's old peasant genes and not Auntie Evelyn's (if your ugly genes came from our side of the family and not dad's that is).

Like Lynn, I want you around for a very very long time so you had better make sure you follow ALL the instructions and take care of yourself.

Patti said...

Sorry to hear all this. At least it's not a stress fracture.

Hereditary illness is the pits, I know. We all end up with something.

Take care, Joan.

Mary said...


I am sorry that your LDL cholestrol is up. That isn't good, nor is the high blood pressure.

My doctor told me the same thing - high LDL cholestrol is caused by genetics and that the only way to control it is with meds. I do watch my diet as well. I do need to get some blood work done. Thanks for the reminder.

Blessings for a great week. I hope your foot heals quickly.