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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Wanna Cup of Coffee

It's morning and normally I would be seated at our kitchen table with Hubby; we'd be reading the newspaper; and both of us would be sipping our deliciously smooth cups of coffee. Instead, I'm sitting in the den, writing this post and trying desperately to avoid the wonderful aroma of just-brewed java coming from our kitchen. Why am I depriving myself of my favorite morning drink? I'm fasting.

My doctor appointment yesterday went pretty much as expected particularly since I hadn't done any lab tests yet so she couldn't scold me too much. She did the normal physical exam and we discussed the questions on my list. My foot problem remains unresolved so she's referring me to Podiatry where hopefully I will get some answers and relief. My blood pressure numbers were depressingly high so she's increased one of my medications...damn. And she scheduled me for a battery of lab surprise there.

So now I've been fasting for nearly 14 hours. When I'm done posting this, I'll throw on some clothes and drive to the lab to have vials and vials of blood drawn. Then I'll race on over to the closest St*rb*cks where I will order my usual vente latte and savor each and every drop. Then maybe this headache I have will finally go away.


Happy Campers said...

I hope your trip went well! My hubby had to fast as well b/c he had blood drawn this morning. He, too, took some of my cash so he could buy coffee on the way home :)

Susie said...

Hi Joan,
I try to avoid back to back trips to our HMO so I usually schedule an early morning dr appt and just do a fast from dinner the night before. Then when I'm done with the app't, I go to the lab.
Hope all your tests work out well and your visit with Podiatry too. I'm going that route myself these days!

Renee said...

when DH went in for his physical the nurse forgot to tell him to he got up early so he could have his breakfast first! he gets there and they're like "Oh!" Then they made him fast and come back the next day. he wasn't happy.

I hope your tests all go okay and that your coffee tastes better than ever!!!

a big bloggin reunion meeting in So CA sounds like a fun vacation! LOL I might not mention that to DH when I talk him into it.

rosemary said...

That after fasting coffee is always the best. I have been down the blood pressure/cholesterol road. I do know that once i cut things like bacon, butter, eggs, cheese and other fatty foods out of my diet i felt a lot better and the weight came off. It is hard, but in the end the end stays further away.

Linda said...

I can so sympathize with you on this one as that morning cup of coffee is the thing I always miss the most when I have to have fasting blood work done - especially if I'm doing one of those dreaded 3-hour or 5-hour GTTs. UGH!

Hope that everything comes out well with your tests!

Patti said...

I hope all came out well with your tests, Joan.

I know how that caffeine withdrawal can feel. Not fun.

Hope today is better ;-)

Mary said...


Fasting for blood work is not one of my favorite things. I like my cup of coffee in the morning.

Hoping all of your tests come back with good results.