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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Great Halloween Debate

Ack! It's only 9 days until Halloween and we still haven't bought our bags of candy. Of course, it's been only a week or so since I threw out the 2 unopened bags left over from last year.

Every year Rick and I argue over the number of bags to buy. He insists on buying at least 4 big variety bags from the our favorite BBW (Big Box Warehouse) which is, quite frankly, ridiculous since we don't get scads of trick-or-treaters. Of course, Rick insists on giving out handfuls of candy bars to each and every child which then makes him a hero in their eyes. Me? I think 2 or 3 tiny candy bars per child is perfectly fine but will he listen to me? Hah!

So I'm thinking maybe a little input from my fellow bloggers might settle our Halloween dispute.

Question of the Day
How much candy do you hand out to each trick-or-treater who comes to your door on Halloween night?


Renee said...

How much I give out depends on how big the candy is. I usually get the candy bar minis or the snack size and then some of the cheaper "fillin" candy. So if it's the snack size, they get one candy bar and maybe two of the fillin. If it's the minis then two bars & two of the fillins.
sometimes I have small toys too and I try to get rid of those cuz I've got like 3 years worth of those suckers to get rid of. In fact I might have DD go clean out all her kid meal toys and give those out too. LOL!

Linda said...

I'm afraid I'm not much help with this one as we never get a single trick-or-treater up on the two hills I live on but when we did get them, I always gave about two or three pieces per kid. That seemed fair, right?!?

the moose buyer said...

You know we don't usually get kids in our Senior Park but I do buy Tootsie Rollsin case we do, and because it's my favorite candy. Come to think of it, I always hope no kids will show up!!!

See you when I get back.

rosemary said...

We don't get kids here....too rural, too cold to be walking miles to go to 4 houses! I vote for a don't need that much candy.

Mary said...


We don't get many trick or treaters here, so I usually give out two kinds of treats. Say one candy bar and one bag of chips, or two candy bars. This year it will be a two pieces of bubble gum and one candy bar. The kids get far too much candy and two pieces per household is more than enough. Bubble gum is small and I have a bag of 400, so will give out more of that.

Times are getting tough and I would only buy maybe two large bags of candy. That should do it and when it is gone, turn out the porch light.

Hope this helps.

Patti said...

We usually get 120+ trick or treaters so each one gets one small candy bar or small bag of pretzels.