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Friday, October 3, 2008

Slow Cooker Conundrum remember that slow cooker I bought months and months ago? Well, except for a trip to our friends' home with turkey chili (which Rick made) for the Super Bowl, it has remained lonely and unused shoved to the back of a kitchen cabinet.

With the weather supposedly turning cooler this weekend, my desire to start cooking using the crockpot has suddenly resurrected itself. So this week I managed to find not one, not two but three (count 'em) slow cooker cookbooks while I was out and about. Two of the three were actually on sale at 70% off so, of course, they just had to come home with me.

And, of course, Rick had a word or two to say about these new cookbooks. "Yes"...I do have a bookshelf filled with cookbooks that have spines still unbroken. And "Yes" I've made several promises to use the slow cooker only to bail out at the last moment so I can hardly fault him for his snide comments. Still...a little show of confidence from him would have been nice.

So I stood up and declared that I would cook Friday's dinner using the crockpot. And here it is Friday and the slow cooker is still sitting silently in the cupboard. I am making progress, however. I've opened all three books and have searched through the numerous chicken recipes looking for the perfect healthy dish. I've found a few that look interesting and now I need to have Rick pick the one that sounds the best to him. Then I will go to the market, buy all the ingredients and finally drag the crockpot out, wash it thoroughly and then set to work.

When? Stay tuned...


Renee said...

hummm the time on your post says 5:55pm. I'm guessing you didn't have a crock pot dinner this Friday...cuz you should really start that by about 10am.

Here's a really easy chicken recipe for you. When you do your grocery shopping buy a whole chicken....when you get it home take out any giblets, rinse it and then freeze it (in whatever type container you like.) Then on cooking day, pull frozen bird out, run a bit of water over it and season the outside of the bird. (the water is to just make the seasoning stick) Then put the entire frozen bird in your crockpot. Set on low and come back in about 6 roasted chicken is done! (test the temp with your meat thermometer as crock pots vary.)

Linda said...

Now that sounds like a really easy chicken recipe! I may have to try that one myself as soon as I get around to digging my crockpot out from under everything else in the cupboard!

Sound familiar?!?

Patti said...

Hi Joan,
We plan to use our crock pot more this fall and winter ~to economize, and have lots of leftovers!

Here's the link to the post about the California folks I mentioned in the previous comment on last Saturday's post...

Patti said...

woops. maybe that link isn't going to work, since it cut off. My bad.

It was on Aug. 26.

Pam said...

It's a SLOW cooker, therefore, you can't rush the process, which explains the time it takes to decide what the heck to make! (At least that's my theory of the day for why I don't use mine more often.)

Mom said...

I slice an onion and cover the bottom of the cooker , then put in a small eye of round roast. Sprinkle a package of dry onion soup mix over the meat and cook all day. It is easy and good. The whole house smells good while it cooks.