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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Wednesday Thoughts

* Here it is October 1st and it was a sweltering 104 degrees. By Saturday the temperature is supposed to reach a "high" of 72 degrees with the possibility of showers. Welcome to the wacky world of Southern California weather!

* Yesterday my friend Sherry and I went to our monthly lunch with several of the ladies we once worked with at the library. A few of them still work there and it's always so much fun to listen to their library horror stories and realize that those of us who are retired no longer have to put up with all the craziness and agony.

* I took Mom to the YMCA Arthritis Aquatics class this morning. It's been three months since we went last and there were lots of hugs as everyone was glad and relieved to see us. When you have participants who are in their eighties (that would be Mom...not me), you get nervous when one of them doesn't show up.

* I'm sitting here watching cable news listening to pundits talk about the Senate vote on the re-vamped economic bailout package (oops, I mean "rescue" package.) To be honest...I'm not sure why all this fascinates me but it does. I've forbidden myself from looking at our retirement investments knowing that it will probably freak me out. I keep telling myself that, as long as we don't need to dip into these funds, we will be just fine because everything is cyclical and things will eventually turn around. my Pollyanna.

* Tomorrow Judy and I are going shopping...or should I say "returning." During our last shopping spree, we both overdid it big time and now our buyer's remorse has kicked in and we have items we need to take back. What can I say...we seem to have this problem whenever we get together.

Stay tuned...


Renee said...

lol! I need to do some returning too. I hope you get good prices on the stuff you take back.

Lynne said...

I refuse to look at our investments right now too. I think things will turn around, maybe not to where they were before, but enough to keep us going for the coming years.

Linda said...

I'm not looking at my retirement investments from work either - with the rollercoaster ride that Wall Street has been on lately it would seriously freak me out.

Happy returning! Or will that be exchanging??

rosemary said...

I looked.....mistake. I am already collecting SS.....Steve WAS close to, but not now. Retail therapy would certainly help but I can't afford it.

Patti said...

I don't think I'll ever retire!