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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Bill Paying Frenzy

I was sitting in front my computer a little while ago mulling over what to write as my next post. I’ve been suffering writer’s block the past few days so I thought I might look at some sites with cool graphics to see if I could find some inspiration. I found some inspiration alright but it has nothing to do with any graphics or anything else on the Internet.

When I came home this afternoon after running chores, the mail was in the mailbox so I brought it in, took a quick look at it and then placed it on our bed while I came over to the computer to check my blog and blogroll. When Hubby came home, he made his way into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal. I casually mentioned that the mail had come including the credit card bill which had the rather large final payment for our June Ireland tour. I should have known better. Immediately he ran for his checkbook and, before I knew it, he was writing the check, filling in the payment coupon and placing it all in front of me at the computer so I could check it over before sealing it in the envelope. I was annoyed. Here I was busily searching the Web for blog ideas and he expected me to stop everything, look at the documents, and then place everything in the envelope so it could be mailed tomorrow morning. I told him I’d get to it when I was done on the computer (geez, it won’t be mailed until tomorrow) but that wasn’t satisfactory. In fact, Hubby quite bluntly told me that taking care of the bill was far more important than anything I was doing on the computer. So we had a little tiff and, the Drama Queen that I am, I stormed out of the den into the bedroom where I crawled into bed to pout for a while.

Hubby and I have been together for 24 years and I know a thing or two about his OCD so I really shouldn’t be surprised by all this. He has this thing about our bills (particularly very large ones) needing to be paid the minute they arrive. It drives him crazy when I take our bills and put them in a very special place I have until I’m ready to pay them. I check this bill holder every day so our bills are never late…never! But that doesn’t stop him from worrying about them until he sees them in the envelope ready to be mailed. Yes, I know this is just a little thing and, knowing how much it upsets him, I should just pay the darn things when they come but sometimes it just isn’t convenient at that moment.

Oh great, now he’s standing over me staring at the payment coupon, check and envelope making me nuts. Okay already, I’ll look at the darn things and put them in the envelope. Done! Happy?


Toni said...

Paying the bills is more important than blogging?? Since when?? Stick with your priorities!

My hubby is the same way. So I just hide stuff till I am ready to do it.

meno said...

I pay most of our bills on line these days. What's a check? :)

patches said...

The Missus uses he debit card and the online billpay so frequently that her checks still have the previous address listed on them.....Yeah and they've been in this place for three and a half years...

Renee said...

Interesting quirk ya got there. So I'm guessing he can rest now...right? hee hee

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Blogging trumps bill paying every time.

It would probably be healthier if your husband were a bit more relaxed about things.

I'll have to read your previous posts to learn about your trip to Ireland.

Patti said...

Of course blogging is far more important than bill paying!

just be thankful that you have the funds to pay a large bill as soon as it comes. I don't have that luxury these days.
poor me!
Homer and I have been muddling through for a while, but better days are coming, right?

Lynn said...

I would comply...but at the pace of cold molasses. If your dh would just get back to blogging...he'd understand which is more important!

Joan said...

Toni: He just caught in in a weak moment yesterday. Usually hiding things works well.

Meno: I'm not quite at the online bill paying stage yet...but this has certainly brought me closer.

Patches: Can it possibly be true that the Missus hasn't written a check in more than 3 years?

Renee: Yep he can rest...until the next group of bills arrive!!!

HeartinSanFrancisco: I'm not sure the terms "husband" and "relaxed" should be used in the same sentence. ;~)

Patti: Absolutely...better days are sure to come.

Lynn: Please help me think of a way to get him back to blogging...this is driving me nuts!

moosebuyer said...

I know how you can get him back. Have your only oldest cousin's bills sent to your house. I always pay on time but if he pays them at least they will be early.

If this is the only argument you guys have, not to worry!!!

Patti said...

Joan, show hubby Ralph's blog. He is having a great time thinking of stuff to share.

Joan said...

Moosebuyer: Thanks for the offer but I wouldn't want to deprive you of the joys of bill paying. ;~)

Patti: I will absolutely show him Ralph's blog. Maybe seeing someone of the same gender having a good time blogging might be the catalyst for resuming his writing.

Dana said...

Why can't men just understand that blogging is so much more important than anything else?

Joan said...

Dana: If you ever discover the answer to that question, will you please let me know because I haven't a clue! ;~)