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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Votes Are In

Thanks to all of you who voted in the “Exercise or Read” poll from yesterday. Well, the votes have been tallied and it looks like it’s a landslide win for the treadmill. Now for the actual events at the Y on Sunday.

For those of you who voted for the treadmill, let me be honest and tell you that you are mostly correct. When I got to the Y and had those pangs of guilt, I went into the locker room and stuffed my book, purse and sweatshirt into the little locker I rent. So you don’t think that I was parading around the Y in my underwear, I was actually wearing a T-shirt and jeans. I had to ask one of the young men who works at the Y to re-activate my computer log-in number because it had been months since I last checked in. Once that was taken care of, I hopped on a treadmill and began to walk at a fairly quick pace. Since I was wearing my street clothes and wasn’t prepared to shower afterwards, I hit the Cool Down button on the treadmill after 15 minutes and did an additional 3 minutes at a continually slower pace.

So all in all, I walked 18 minutes on the treadmill and I’m darn proud that I actually did some form of exercise…even if it was only half my goal.


Lynn said...

Good for you...that's 18 minutes more than I walked on a treadmill. Don't forget that you "boxed" six rounds on the Wii Sunday night;~)

Joan said...

Lynn: How can I forget...everything above my waist is throbbing and aching. But I do want a rematch sometime soon!

Renee said...

1/2 is a great your way up. I need to get back on the eliptical trainer again so I can look good this summer.

Patti said...

That's 18 minutes more than I did on a treadmill.
You go! And it's best not to do a lot all at once, right? Work your way up, like Renee said.

Patti said...

P.S. didn't mean to copy sis's comment, just agree with her.

Toni said...

Yay! Good for you! Maybe I will take that next step and drive past the gym today. Baby steps.

Susie said...

Sounds like a good start! Good luck!

rosemary said...

Good for you...although I bet the book was tempting. 18 minutes is better than no minutes and while you say you didn't reach your goal, you could have been a step behind overall.

only oldest said...

well cuz, you beat me by 18 minutes. I am proud of you.

Joan said...

Renee: I'm impressed that you use the elliptical trainer. That is soooo much more difficult for me in terms of exercise.

Patti: Considering how out of shape I've become in the last few months, I definitely have to work my way back.

Toni: I absolutely believe in baby steps. :~)

Susie: I need all the luck I can get!!!

Rosemary: You bet the book was tempting. I have to remember to take it out of my gym bag so I wont be lured away from the treadmill on my next visit.

Only oldest: Your pool is calling you!!!

Linda said...

I had a sneaky feeling that the call of the treadmill was answered! Good for you and 18 minutes is better than 0 minutes! I would be thrilled to get my lazy behind on my Gazelle for 18 minutes but it just sits there and collects dust in the corner while I continue to ignore it!

Next time, grab the poll widget that I have on my blog for my M&Ms - it makes it easy to vote and it's very easy to use in a post, too!

Joan said...

Linda: Thanks for the info about the poll widget. I'm still learning my way around BlogLand and I can use all the techie help I can get!