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Friday, April 20, 2007

Is This New Math?

This afternoon Hubby and I were driving home after a 120 mile round trip to a lumberyard (that’s a whole other story) when we started reminiscing about our Alaskan cruise and land tour last year. We were talking about all the really interesting things we did when we finally got to our last excursion. It was an evening raft trip down a river outside of Fairbanks. Here’s a photo…can you believe it was 10:00PM?

Anyway, we started talking about the creatures we saw on the float including some really cute but shy beavers. When I asked Hubby if he remembered how many of them we saw, his response was “a couple of three.” Huh… what the heck does that mean? I was under the impression the word “couple” refers to the number two but now I’m confused. Did he really mean two beavers; were there 3; did he mean 6 (2x3)? I didn’t ask him to clarify…I was too stupefied at the time. So…what do you think? How many beavers did we actually see?


Patti said...

My guess is 2 groups of 3, so that would be 6!
Other than that, I dunno.

Don't blame ya for being stupefied.

Midlife Mom said...

Hummmmmm...that's a good one! I think it was the Husband Half Listening Virus that seems to be going around a lot lately!

Susie said...

Maybe he meant to say "a couple or three" (two or three)
Sometimes they think one thing and say another.
We've done Alaska three times, but have yet to do the land portion. It's on our to do list!!

only oldest said...

a couple of 3 to me means 6. What I can't believe is that you didn't see any moose.

Renee said...

My DH says stuff like that or says things so fast that I can't understand them...I wonder if he tries to say it so I can't understand it on purpose. Weird.

Linda said...

Well, "a couple of three" could, in fact, be some strange menage a trois of beavers or something ... sorry, my mind went directly into the closest gutter there for a minute ... I never was very good at match or at husbands, come to think of it!

Joan said...

Patti: Hubby says weird things like this all the time so you'd think I'd be smart enough to figure it out.

Midlife mom: Do all men suffer from this horrendous virus? Mine certainly does and I've been searching for a cure forever.

Susie: The land tour was quite interesting although I think the next time we'll do it on our own rather than through the cruise line. I generally like a little more flexibility.

Only oldest: We actually saw a moose on the trip back to Fairbanks! In all, we saw 13 moose during the 6 days!

Renee: Maybe husbands think wives have super human hearing.

Linda: Yours wasn't the only brain that went immediately to the menage a trois image. I just thought I'd keep the post clean for innocent eyes. ;~)

Lynn said...

How did I miss this post? I saw the one before, and the one after...and suddenly this one is here and boy is that a nice picture of Alaska at night. To me "a couple of three" would either mean 6, or "I didn't count and now I'm going to confuse you".