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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So Now I’m Old Too

Earlier today I was feeling fat and out of shape; now I’m also feeling old. This morning I commented on Patti’s Late Bloomer Boomer blog about a posted photo of two young boys which appears to have been taken in the 1950’s. My very clever comment (OK…I thought it was clever) referred to the two boys as Spin and Marty. So…here’s the sad part…Patti admitted to me that she had no idea what that reference was all about and my sister, later in the day, also claimed to have no knowledge of Spin and Marty. How can this be? Here...take a look at Spin and Marty:

So…do you recognize them? “Spin and Marty” were actually characters in a Disney mini-series which was telecast on episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club. Please tell me you at least remember the Mickey Mouse Club. Anyway...Marty Markham (played by David Stollery) was a rich, spoiled orphan who came to the Triple R Ranch, a boy’s summer camp. There he met up with Spin Evans (played by dreamy Tim Considine), the most popular and athletic boy at the camp. Starting off as enemies, they eventually became friends and set off on a series of adventures. Does any of this sound even remotely familiar? Am I the only one ancient enough to remember this series? Am I really that much older than all of you?


Toni said...

Sorry! I don't remember that show, but I do remember the Mickey Mouse Club.

Patti said...

Joan, I think we are about a year or two apart in age, but my memory is not that great.
Good News: Ralph, a.k.a Homer, a.k.a. Airhead 55, remembers Spin and Marty

Patti said...

P.S. I was reading some of Michael's archives last week. (Another California friend of mine). He said he was 33!
Aaaack!! That made me feel old.

patches said...

Sometimes the inability to grasp dated pop culture events has nothing to do age. It's more about television of programming access. Don't take someone's memory malfunction to heart.

Midlife Mom said...

I LOVED Spin and Marty!!!

Patti said...

Joan - Do you remember Sky King and his daughter, Penny? ;-)

Susie said...

Well I remember Spin and Marty, Mickey Mouse Club, and probably several that you may have forgotten.
How about Howdy Doody? RinTinTin?
Ozzie & Harriet?, Donna Reed?, My Three Sons?
(I remember Sky King very well!)

Renee said...

Sorry, I don't remember that...but I think I have a good reason why.

Where I grew up in LA, we didn't get the Mickey Mouse was only when I lived at my Aunt's house in FL for about 6 months that I got to see it...and then when school started I only got to see the kids singing the Mickey Mouse Club good bye song if I ran home from school.

But the kids in the picture do look like the I believe you.

Lynn said...

Sorry I don't share those memories...that is why you are my dear "older" opposed to dear old sister, which I promised I wouldn't use anymore.

PEA said...

I don't know them at all, have never even heard of them so yup you must be really old!!! LOL Just teasing you!! Actually here in Canada, I don't think we even got the Mickey Mouse Club, at least not that I remember! A lot of these old shows we didn't have here...out of all the ones that Susie mentioned, I do remember My Three Sons!! I was born in 1957 and I think a lot of those shows were going on just about then! See you when I get back from my trip:-) xoxo

meno said...

I am totally a middle-aged woman and i don't remember Spin and Marty. But never watched the Mickey Mouse Club, until i watched re-runs in college, while high.

Damn those reruns were funny.

Linda said...

Okay, I am 48 with 48 fast approaching and I do vaguely remember Spin & Marty though I was never a regular watcher of The Mickey Mouse Club except for the very end where they always depressed the heck out of me with that incredibly sad song!

I very well remember My Three Sons, Lassie, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, and a slew of other shows long before they hit TV Land!

Of course, like most things with my memory these days you have to give it a nudge to get it started in the right direction!

Joan said...

Toni: At least you remember the MM Club...that's a start!

Patti: You're not alone apparently. But I am glad that at least Ralph remembers the was getting pretty lonely in Spin and Marty Land. Also...I loved Sky King and his niece Penny!

Patches: Thanks for the encouragement...I'm sure there are pop culture memories I don't have.

Midlife mom: Yes! Another member of the Spin and Marty Club. The membership grows...

Susie: Join the Spin and Marty Club. Howdy Doody was not a favorite but I absolutely loved The Donna Reed Show!

Renee: It's interesting to know that something I took for granted was not available in other parts of the country.

Lynn: One more time...I am not "older," I am just "less young."

Pea: I do remember My Three Sons very well! And have a great trip!

Meno: I am dying to know...exactly what does the Mickey Mouse Club show look like when someone's high? The mind boggles...

Linda: Father Knows Best and Leave It To Beaver are still some of my favorite family shows from that era. Oh..."Now it's time to say goodbye to all our family..."

Patti said...

Joan, I may just have to blog about Sky King.
Did you watch Romper Room? I remember the teacher's name. We even had her over to the house for dinner when I was 3.
Adorable, I know.

only oldest said...

Oh sigh....I remember them all plus Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and Lone Ranger. I even have my original 1952 Roy Rogers lunch box, thermos and sheriff badge. Can't use the lunch box because Uncle B used it for junk but it's still mine to look at.

Joan said...

Patti: I do indeed remember Romper Room especially since the teacher's name (at least in our area) was Joan. Oh...I wish we'd invited her to our home for did your family managed to have her come?

Only oldest: Isn't nostalgia fun???

only oldest said...

Joan, nostalgia and past memories are wonderful. In our family as we get to a certain age, the past may be all we remember. Think about that cousin!

sari said...

I'm 40 so I watched the MMC in reruns, but I had a huge crush on Spin or Marty. I think it was Marty, but I can't remember.

That was my favorite show, I could still probably sing most of the songs. Today is Tuesday, remember that one?

Joan said...

Sari: Even after I was well past the Mickey Mouse Club age, I would occasionally watch it as a rerun just for a shot of comfort.