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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Never Mind MTV...I Want My TCM

There’s not much to report today…my first full day home after staying at my sister’s house. It was odd sleeping last night with a human form next to me rather than a canine one. Oh…did I mention Amber (“the good dog”) runs and moans in her sleep? Not Hubby…he’s relatively stationary throughout the night.

Hubby went off to play golf (some things never change) so I ran a series of errands…you know the kind…the Post Office, the bank, the supermarket, the Big W store…everything that needed to get done, I did. It wasn’t the most exciting day but at least I was home sweet home.

When I did get home after my errands, I turned on the TV and realized there was one thing I really missed from my stay at Lynn’s house…digital cable! We have old-fashioned analog cable and get a limited number of stations. Our cable company keeps taking cable stations away from us (we’re thinking it’s their sneaky way of forcing us to switch to digital) so, while we have more than just the broadcast stations, I no longer have the station I used to watch most often…TCM (Turner Classic Movies). I just love old B&W movies (for the 1930’s and 1940’s) and got to watch several this weekend with my mom. Oh…I should mention that we also watched a number of “chick flicks.” Let’s see, we saw “Pretty Woman,” “You’ve Got Mail,” “While You Were Sleeping,”…all movies I could watch over and over.

So here I am with the TV on but my back to it as I type away. I guess that’s really what television is good for these days at my house…background noise.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i gave you an award at my place. if you have time, ha ha...

smiles, bee

Ralph said...

Joan, to save money, we might give up the digital box in the living room and have the cable go into the TV, like in the bedroom. The Comcast basic seems to include TMC (ch 54), FoxNews (62), History (59), Weather (34) and the CT and NYC channels. We'll see, but I think blogging is a tad more entertaining than cable :>)

rosemary said...

I loved TCM too. We have DirectTv the thiefs. In order for Steve to get ESPN-II we have to buy everything...but wait...TCM isn't there, PBS isn't there, CW isn't there....they are each a separate purchase.

Renee said...

Our cable company keeps taking away channels too. It's a bummer...but I really don't like the idea of paying 35 bucks more per month just to get the digital. What gives anyway?

When we moved in we tried to not get cable, but our good TV got nothing, our bedroom TV got 2 channels and our little black & white got 2 PBS stations. It was pathetic.

I miss TCM and Animal Planet.

Val said...

I love those old black and white movies too, much more than contemporary ones with all the whizz bang stuff. Does anyone else have any trouble following the dialogue these days? They speak way too fast!

Recently I watched (again) Some like it hot. Such a funny movie, even my young adult sons enjoy it.

Patti said...

I also love Turner Classic Movies...last night I caught the end of a B&W flick and Doris Day landed a plane. It was pretty intense.
I have no idea what the movie was.

Lynn said Amber misses you now. How sweet.

PEA said...

Good morning dear Joan:-) I'm still trying to play catch up with everyone since my return from my trip!! I'm still giggling at your previous post about not being able to lie to the dog...I shouldn't laugh, though, because I know I would have felt the same way! LOL We just have anolog cable also but we do have quite a few channels with it...I'm just not a tv person, though, and hardly ever have it on anymore!! xox

Joan said...

Empress bee: Awww...thanks so much for the award. I'm honored.

Ralph: Since I sit most nights in front of my computer with my back to the TV, I have to agree with your assessment that blogging is definitely more fun!

Rosemary: Hmmm...we were thinking of going with DirectTV instead of cable but now you have me wondering what to do. I think they're all thieves!!!

Renee: Our cable company swears digital is only "a few pennies more." Why don't I believe them??? :~)

Val: I love the movie "Some Like It Hot!" I can still remember my sister having to explain to her son, a few years ago, why all the people were in black and white instead of color.

Patti: See...if I had TCM, I too could watch Doris Day land a plane. I'm missing sooooo much! :~)

Pea: More and more I'm becoming "not a TV person" and I dont feel like I'm missing anything.

Lynn said...

Anytime you want to come over here and watch TCM, you are more than welcome.

Joan said...

Lynn: Oh boy...expect me any minute!!!