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Friday, July 6, 2007

A Private Family Matter…I Think Not

In case you haven’t heard the news, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has found himself in the middle of a very messy “scandal” involving his wife and “another woman.” There have been many rumors over the months about dissension in the Villaraigosa household and, a few weeks ago, the Mayor announced that he and his wife were separating. At the time, Mayor Villaraigosa pleaded with the press to allow this “private family matter” to run its course without the glare of the media. Right…sure.

So now we learn that the Mayor has been having an extramarital "relationship" with a newswoman from a local Spanish language television station for more than a year. This is a reporter who has covered the Mayor’s political and personal activities for her TV station and to say there appears to be a conflict of interest seems to be stating the obvious. Once again, the Mayor is pleading with the media to allow this “private family matter” to be handled without the glare of media scrutiny. Who is he kidding?

Now I understand that, in any longterm relationship and marriage, there are bound to be problems which arise and sometimes these problems escalate to the point of separation and divorce. Divorce happens and we have come to accept that fact even in the lives of our elected representatives. However, Mr. Mayor…you had no compunction parading your family in front of the media while running for public office only a few short years ago, portraying yourself as a wonderful and caring family man. Now, when that self-made image is suddenly tarnished, you expect the media to ignore the story. And, when you place yourself in the tawdry position of having a mistress (and a high profile one at that) while still married, do you really expect the media to close their eyes and ignore the news? As that old cliché goes…”you made your bed, now you have to lie in it.”


MyUtopia said...

I totally agree with you on this one

rosemary said...

Catching up...will read hubby's post. I don't really like ad included blogs...a distraction for sure.

As for the mayor. We get the Calif channels to keep up on the news of our home state. The mayor ia an, excuse me, Joan, @**.

Lynn said...

Seems to me, the problem is he is already doing some 'laying' in bed.

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Paul said...

It sounds as if the Mayor wants special treatment with regard to his adultery. Eh ?

the moose buyer said...

You know of all of us, I was sure Rick was going to address this one, not you.

I saw her on the news last night for the first time, but when the Mayor made the announcemt last week that he and he wife were splitting after all these years, I immediately figured there had to be another woman. I too am angry that he paraded his family while fooling around. What a bum he is.

I am also assuming his aspirations for Governor of Califoria are shot to heck.

Patti said...

A bit of a conflict of interest, yes.
I heard about this the other day, all the way over here in CT.

PEA said...

It's no wonder I don't like, trust or care for politicians! lol They always try to portray such a perfect front but often times the background is less than charming. He knew the media would have a field day if they ever found out but he did it anyway...enjoy Mr. Mayor:-) xoxo

Renee said...

send that post to your newspaper's editor. and like Lynn said...that bed thing was the whole problem.

Next we'll be hearing that he didn't have relations with that woman and the stain...

If enough of these creaps do this we'll soon just be forced to ignore it. What ever happened to morals and committing to your vows?

meno said...

It's as private as Britney Spear's privates. Which in her case are public.

This kind of this annoys the hell out of me. Nice family man my ass!

Joan said...

Myutopia: Thanks for agreeing!

Rosemary: Your description of the Mayor is spot on!

Lynn: And "lie-ing" in bed too!

Paul: It seems all politicians want and expect special treatment.

The moose buyer: Don't count the Mayor out for Governor...sadly, voters seem to have very short memories.

Patti: I noticed our Mayor's philandering made the national news.

Pea: You are absolutely right!!!

Renee: It seems many politicians seem to think they are exempt from adhering to expected morals.

Meo: You made me laugh big time! Now I can't get the image of Britney's privates out of my mind.

Linda said...

I've got to agree with you on this one. When you hold a public office you need to be above reproach and he should have known that. To ask for mercy from the media now is pathetic and he certainly doesn't deserve it.

As they say, "If you're going to dance, you have to pay the band" and it sounds to me like his bill has come due.

Ralph said...

Ah, professional better to get your side of the story in the media by, ah, manipulating the messanger. Stupid Mayor PR tricks. At least the Mayou Quimby character in the Simpsons is slimy and could care less if the public cares. If the electorate in L.A. re-elecs this clown, shame on them!

MyUtopia said...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! It finally stopped raining here in Central Texas, THANK GOD!

ms chica said...

Always two sets of rules, one for public figures and one for private.

Susie said...

Quite ironic that his lady love was the newsperson who helped break the story! No conflict of interest there on her part, right?

Linda said...

Hi Joan - I'm back and I've given you an award over on my post for today - pop on by and get it sometime!