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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We Interrupt for a Commercial

I’ve noticed lately that several blogs I read on a regular basis are now sporting advertising…either an entire post about a particular business OR advertising “billboards” placed in prominent places on the blog page. I’m not too sure how I feel about this latest trend. I understand that, for some, it is a helpful way to earn a little money and who doesn’t need a little extra cash now and then? On the other hand, we are bombarded with advertising everywhere in our daily lives and there is a part of me that wishes BlogLand could remain commercial free. Oh well…

With this said, I now want to do a little advertising of my own so bear with me. Trust me though…this one earns me no money. As many of you know, Hubby has his very own blog. I have tried my best to encourage him to post on a regular basis so he can build an audience but I haven’t been very successful. Since our trip to Ireland, Lynn and Patti and Ina have all asked me when Rick was going to blog about our trip. I’ve badgered and bugged and annoyed him to no end about doing just that and FINALLY today he sat down to post about our journey. So…please, please visit his blog---The Centerline--- and let him know what you think.

We now resume regular programming.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i recently started ppp ads just as something to do because i was bored, but guess what? the last week has brought me about a hundred bucks for just a few of them and it was fun! so just skip over them and don't bother reading, the fact that it is an ad will be displayed at the top and ignore if you wish!

smiles, bee

Val said...

Those ads actually earned $100?? Wow, not bad.

I think you're doing well to get your hubby to have a blog. Mine refuses to enter blogworld, doesn't even read my blog.

Lynne said...

I just finished reading your husband's post about your trip to Ireland. Keep him blogging - he's a great writer.

the moose buyer said...

yes, Rick is a great writer. Actually he also tells great stories (he and I have the same sense of humor) and I am sorry most of the bloggers don't have the chance to meet him in person. I am one lucky cousin that both Joan and Lynn have super husbands and I love them both.

Toni said...

I have done pay per post- it is a way to extra $~ I use to be totally against it, but I changed my tune.

For a little more advertising
Check out my contest!

Joan said...

Empress bee: Wow...$100 for a few ads?!?!? I think I need to re-think my ambivalence about blogging advertisements.

Val: It's been a struggle the entire way...I'm not sure it's worth the effort at this point.

Lynne: Thanks for the compliment about Hubby's's why I've been encouraging him to blog.

The moose buyer: Yep...he sure knows how to tell a good story...and it's never a "short" story, that's for sure.

TOni: I'm glad to read that you're making a little extra income with those ads...I can see how it's a practical way to earn a little extra dough without much fuss.

Lynn said...

Love your 4th of July banner thingy. Thanks for asking the 'pay ads' question, I've been wondering myself. I will definitely go over to 'The Centerline' and check out your dh's latest post. Have fun today.

Patti said...

I enjoyed Rick's post and told him so. Fun to get his perspective!

I am going to re-think that ad business too. I could truly use some extra cash.

I love the Fourth of July banner you have going too. It surprised me when I stopped by.

Linda said...

I've been kicking around the PPP stuff myself but I would need to get permission from the newspaper that promotes my blog first. I could really use the money but part of me is also a little hesitant to start subjecting people to ads though, like Bee said, people can just skip right over them. Comments aren't required for the blogger to get credit for it. Still, it would be nice if they fit into the scheme of one's blog better!

Your hubby is a wonderful writer, I hope you can cajole him into writing more!

Hope you had a happy 4th of July!

meno said...

i am okay with advertsing on blogs, because i can ignore that. But the pay per post thing bothers me. I go to read a post and find out it's an advertisement. Blah.

If people want to do them, that's fine, but i don't want to read them.

Michele said...

Yep, I do NOT like the pay per view posts at all...ick... you go to read a nice blog that is all decked out with bells and whistles and geeze, there's a post about jewlery and insurance... nope... I definitely 100% will not do it!... not my sort of thing. On the side bars, that works for me!

Dana said...

I have tried to get my husband to start his own blog, but he just won't. He is happy to read mine and all the ones that I read. Won't even venture out to find ones that might actually be in his range of interest.

Off to check out The Centerline!

MyUtopia said...

I hear ya! It took me a while before I agreed to post adsense items on my blog. I did it like you said to make a little money on the side. When I write about different businesses or items though, I do it without any compensation.

Patti said...

Joan, I tagged you June 22 (on your sister's urging, I might add)
so when you get around to it...

I should talk...I haven't done something that I was tagged with a while back.

sari said...

Sure, I can "skip" past stuff if I want...but I hate going to blogs that are loaded up with advertising. That's too distracting and not why I read. One or two, sure, but not entire sidebars. And I hate it when the top is all covered with ads, the flashing is irritating and it slows my computer down too much (it's old).

Sometimes I talk about things that I want to talk about but nobody pays me to do it. If I say I like something (or don't) it's the truth, and that's always ok. Paid ads, you always have to wonder a bit.

Just my opinion.

Bethany said...

checking out hubbys blog now