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Friday, August 3, 2007

Migraine...Hello, Goodbye

Sorry I've been kinda quiet the past few days but I haven't been feeling 100% and today, while out with my mom, my sister Lynn and her kids, I came down with a riproaring migraine. I don't get them very often and, when I do, they usually last only a few hours but, during that time, ugh!! Anyway, thank goodness we'd just finished our miniature golf game...which I won, by the way... when the headache hit. I managed to make it through lunch at a salad bar and then through a shopping trip to a furniture store, looking for a desk for my nephew Ten, before getting back to their house and then turning around and leaving for home. When I got home, I waved to Hubby (who was watching TV in the living room) as I made a beeline for our bedroom. I've just finished dinner, after a much needed nap in our darkened bedroom, and I'm feeling a wee bit better.

I've been trying to figure out what triggered my migraine today. Lynn thinks it might have been my 4:00am wakeup time this morning (I just couldn't sleep) but I'm thinking it might be a little comment my niece Twelve made while we were on our way to the miniature golf course. We were all listening to the radio when the Beatles song "Hello, Goodbye" came on. Now I've been a Beatles fans since forever and I take their music very, very seriously. So the song comes on and what does Twelve say? Her exact words were "Oh, that's the song from the Target commercial." Excuse me? This is, without question, the most talented band and songwriting team of the 20th Century and she identifies their music only as an advertising jingle? That's enough to give any babyboomer a migraine!!!


ms chica said...

Reminds me of the time the Mister's daughter asked him if Santana was a new 2002, or if they were covering other band's songs lol.

Mom said...

Poor ignorant little girl. she just is too young to understand what is truly good.

Renee said...

It's Michael Jackson's fault that the Beatles' songs are in commercials...but in a round about way it's acutally Paul's fault because he told Michael when they were doing "Ebony & Ivory" that he should buy up some songs as an Michael bought the Beatles' songs.

That's why I show DD all the originals of these songs. So I have proof that they are not just commercials.

Course I still think that " the Summer time, I've got Wendy's, I've got Wendy's on my mind!..."

Renee said...

actually I can spell.

Linda said...

Oh no! I'd have a headache, too, from that!

I've only had migraines a couple times in my life and they were the most incapacitating headaches I have ever had. I got the whole blurred vision, extreme nausea type that could only be relieved by a lot of sleep in a very dark room.

Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow!

PEA said...

The only time I get bad headaches is when it's that time of the month but yes, hearing your niece saying that might have brought one on! lol We need to teach these young 'uns all about REAL music! hehe Hope you're feeling much better today! xox

Patti said...

Oooh - migraines are the worst. Sorry to hear you had one. I don't get them in the middle of the day, I wake up with them. Yuck.
Hope you are much better today.

I also take The Beatles' music very seriously. I love it. That remark would have bothered me too.
Your niece just doesn't have our special baby boomer "frame of reference."

the moose buyer said...

sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope it's better now. As far as 12 not appreciating the Beatles, all generations go through that. I remember a very long time ago telling Auntie E that Frank Sinatra sang boring music while we were listening to "Blue Suade shoes" and she was complaining it had no theme.

Joan said...

Ms. Chica: Ahhhh...Santana...more great music from another great band.

Mom: Unfortunately, Twelve is no different than us when we were her age. I knew my music but knew very little about my folks' favorite sounds...big band jazz and showtunes.

Renee: I agree...let's all blame Michael Jackson!!!

Linda: Thanks! I'm just grateful mine tend to be fairly short in duration. I know some people who suffer for days!

Pea: Thanks! I'm lucky that I don't get migraines more than a few times in a year. And I agree it's up to us to educate today's teens about our kind of music!

Patti: Sigh...I'm thinking our folks probably thought the same way when we were Twelve's age and we didn't have a clue about their music. I just feel lucky the Beatles were there for our generation!

The moose buyer: "Blue Suede Shoes"??? You must be MUCH older than I am!!! :~D

Lynne said...

It cracks me up when I hear Shelby singing a song that's a remake of one I knew way back when. She's amazed that I know the words - can't believe that the songs are that old!

I heard a remake of the Sgt. Pepper album a little while ago. That's so wrong - how could anyone think that they could redo the Beatles!

Hope your migraine is gone. I get them, usually for 3 days at a time, and hate them!

Lynn said...

Hearing Twelve make that comment, was painful for me as well. I guess I need to expand her musical repertoire.

Val said...

Hee hee, that reminds me of the time my grandmother heard me mention the name Elvis Presley in the 1950s, and she asked me if that was one of my girlfriends! So "ignorance" can go two ways.

Hope you're feeling better now, Joan. Buy yourself a box of crayons and a coloring book, that will get you settled. (Thanks for your comment on my post)

Michele said...

I hate migraines with a passion. I get so many of them. Triggers are hard to pinpoint... can be from foods to barometer pressure in weather changes. It's tricky. Chocolate is bad and cheese is bad. Too much caffeine and definitely smoked meat is a no-no. Oh well, I am glad u are feeling better. Take care and glad you are back posting... I missed ya! ((hug))

Joan said...

Lynne: A remake of Sgt Pepper's??? Isn't that sacreligious?

Lynn: Need to borrow my Beatles CDs??? Or how about my vinyl records???

Val: Maybe your grandma had something there. Elvis as a girl's name sounds kinda interesting.

Michele: I usually stay away from all the migraine trigger foods so I'm thinking this had to do with the weather. For me, that's the usual culprit.

Rhea said...

Sorry to hear you have migraines. I have a friend who gets them a lot. Debilitating. Maybe it was the miniature golf.

Joan said...

Rhea: Hmmm...miniature golf causes migraines...could be. All that exertion might have caused me great stress which in turn caused the migraine light show which in turn led to the headache. I think you're on to something! :~)