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Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday George

In case any of you have forgotten, today is George Washington's birthday. Poor George. Until 1971, our country celebrated his birthday with much fanfare...many businesses and government offices closing for the day, newspapers and television networks reporting on the special celebratory events, annual recitations of his many accomplishments and importance to our country in schools across our nation. And now poor George's birthday has been relegated to just a normal week day while a general celebration for all our nation's leaders is celebrated one week earlier on President's Day. How sad.

For me, George's birthday has and will always remain special. On February 22, 19??, my parents were at a birthday party for one of their friends when suddenly the first pangs of labor made their presence known to Mom. Borrowing a friend's car (my folks had yet to buy one), my dad drove Mom to the hospital where I was born in the wee hours of the next morning. Because George's birthday fell on a Sunday that year and it was still considered a national holiday (now don't you go looking at a perpetual calendar to figure out what year I was born), my dad and most of the country had that Monday off with plenty of time to celebrate my birth.

So on this important day of celebration, all I want to do is wish everyone a "very happy George Washington's birthday."


the moose buyer said...

Since I will be at convention I will wish you a very very happy early birthday. Your birth brought so much joy to our family and it gave me a chance to see a side of Uncle Bill when he held you I had never seen before. I always saw him as being tough, but when he held you, the smile on his face was the softest I had ever seen. So thank you cousin, not only for the past ****** years but for everything you continue to show me year after year.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to George today...and Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!

(my dh was born on Lincoln's bday)

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Joan!
They shoulda/coulda named you Georgia, or Georgette.

That's not your middle name, is it??

Glad to see you back in the blogosphere.

PEA said...

Being Canadian, we don't celebrate George Washington's birthday but I do remember learning about all of your past presidents in school:-) Hmmm, I didn't have it written down in my book when your birthday was...good thing I came to visit you today or I would have missed it tomorrow!!! I will have a card for you on my post in the morning:-) Hope you have a fabulous birthday and get thoroughly spoiled!! xoxo

Linda said...

It's funny how many people have forgotten that the 22nd is Washington's birthday. I mentioned it at work today and everyone just seemed amazed even though it was right there on the calendar. The poor guy!

An early happy birthday to you, too! I hope the day is a wonderful one for you and that the year ahead is even better!

ms chica said...

Happy birthday! What a cool story.

Lynne said...

Happy birthday Joan! Hope you have a wonderful day! Any special plans?

smilnsigh said...

Our Dear Friend, PEA said that February 23rd is your Birthday.

So I came over to say Happy Birthday!

And such a pretty blog you have here, too. I so love your Header! Plus you were a librarian. Such interesting pointers you give, I bet.

Again, Happy Birthday!