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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A "Super" Start to the Week Sunday was the Super Bowl and, of course, Rick and I went to our friends' annual football pig-out. I actually did fairly well and ate less than usual...let's hear it for willpower. I did enjoy a small bowl of Rick's healthy turkey chili and I had a little pasta salad and coleslaw but decided against the beautiful sandwiches and other goodies. Oh wait, I did have a few handfuls of chocolate candy (with peanuts) and some potato chips but I was still pretty good.

Then yesterday I did what Eli Manning was supposed to do...I went to Disneyland. Apparently the winning NY Giant quarterback was scheduled to visit the Magic Kingdom and ride in a parade but he was a no-show...something about not catching a flight out of Arizona in time. No, I wasn't there to seem him. JAM and I had made plans with another friend some time ago to visit Mickey and friends yesterday and it just happened to be on the same day. I've now visited Disneyland several times in the past few months and I can honestly say that I'm burned out with the Magic Kingdom. I think it's time to give it a rest for a while before going again.

Today, of course, was Super Tuesday...the day all the candidates have been waiting for. Rick and I voted early this morning and it's a good thing we looked at our sample ballots before leaving. We've been voting at the nearby Middle School for years and just assumed that's where we needed to go. Wrong! Apparently our precinct voting place was changed and today we voted in the meeting room of one of our local churches. I'm now watching several cable news channels and enjoying all the pundit prognostications. For the first time in many years, there is a real energy and excitement about our political process and I think it's terrific. And, for the first time in many elections, our California primary actually matters so I think I'll go now and wait for the results to come in since our polls close in a few minutes.


Midlife Mom said...

You did much better then I did, I ate my way through the whole Super Bowl game and then ate the candy left on our pillows in our hotel room. I'm pathetic!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i just can't get excited about any of them!

smiles, bee

Renee said...

Glad that you held back on the Super Bowl of food. We don't do those parties since we're not football DD & I ate popcorn and watched Shrek the Third.

I got all the info for voting, but I didn't go vote. I've never done a caucus before, so I figured why start this year. LOL! Luckily my candidate did just fine without me.

I've gotta remember to take DD to Ash Wednesday services today...we normally don't go cuz DH doesn't like getting ashes.

HRH said...

I hate it when those election booths get sneaky and hide...that happened to me last election and I ended up driving all over town trying to find where to vote. ugh.

Patti said...

OK, you get until Saturday morning to come up with the answer (I see you just left a comment for me a few minutes ago)