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Friday, February 1, 2008

My Book Life Exposed

Linda at Are We There Yet? was kind enough to tag me for a meme which should be right up my alley. As a former English major and librarian, I've been surrounded by books most of my life and you'd think I'd have a wealth of choices to use to respond to these questions. The problem? I'm a librarian's worst nightmare. I tend to read the same genre of books...mysteries...and rarely deviate from that area of interest. However, I will do my best with these questions...honest.

The Book Meme

One book that changed your life: This one requires me to travel back to the late 1970's when I was first beginning my career as a librarian. I was having "issues" with confidence and happened upon Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "Your Erroneous Zones." I picked it up, read it and then tried to apply the insights to my life. Surprisingly, it did make me feel better and stronger. It's the one and only self-help book I've ever read.

One book that you have read more than once: I admit it..."Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. I liken it to a "chick flick" that I can watch over and over. The give-and-take relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy gets me every time.

One book that you would want on a desert island: "1001 Things To Do With Sand"

One book that made you laugh: This one is by far the easiest...any and all of the books in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich! I actually discovered this series when the first book was released and then recommended it to all my friends, co-workers and library patrons. I like to take at least some of the credit for the immense popularity of this great series.

One book that made you cry: No doubt about it...Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights." What could be better than two star-crossed lovers, conflict and death?

One book you wish you'd written: Hmmm...I'd have to say "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone." As a former librarian with 4 years in the Children's Department, I am so thrilled that this book and the rest of the series has brought the joy and wonder of reading to this current generation of technology-obsessed children and their parents. Hopefully the excitement generated by this series will encourage children to continue reading in the years to come.

One book you wish had never been written: I definitely have to agree with Linda on this one..."Mein Kampf."

One book you're reading: Nelson DeMille's "Wild Fire"

One book you're going to read: Leslie Caine's "Killed By Clutter"

A very big thanks to Linda for this meme tag! Now I just have to tag my sister Lynn and Book Challenge wonder Lynne. And...if you're someone who loves to read and would like to try your hand at this meme, please be my guest and go for it!


Linda said...

It was my former dispatch partner and still friend, Paula, who got me into the Stephanie Plum series though I'd be happy to say that she got the inspiration from you! How can you not love that series? It's funny, it's fun, and it's sexy, too. I sowant to be Stephanie when I come back in my next life though having a soft spot for cops, I'd choose Joe over Ranger every time!

Love Mr. Darcy, too, and was quite enamored of the movie version of "Pride and Prejudice" as I thought that Colin Firth played him marvelously! Sigh ... Oh to be Elizabeth for yet another lifetime.

That's the thing about books - you can go to so many places and be so many people. There is nothing like a good story!

Great job on this one, I expected no less and you certainly didn't disappoint me at all!

Mary said...


I enjoyed reading your meme. It sure is right up your alley.

I have already read about four books this year - I may be on my fifth. I love books and get lost between their covers.

I got a great deal last week. A triology and another book all for $11. A steal.


Renee said...

I think I'll wait and see if your sister tags me for this. It looks like a lot of fun! I love reading.

Lynne said...

I just put mine up on my blog. Thanks for the tag!

Patti said...

Hi Joan, I tagged you.

Pam said...

Great book list, Joan, and I couldn't agree with you more on Stephanie Plum, Wuthering Heights and Pride & Prejudice. My husband and daughter watch the 6-hour A&E movie several times a year. (I'm married to a very romantic fellow.)

Lynn said...

You actually want me to think???? I am amazed what I've learned about you from reading your blog. I'll do this, but I may call on you for some help;~)

Susie said...

Perfect meme for you! I've been trying to do a bit more reading recently. (a bit hard to concentrate though)

Casdok said...

That was a lovely meme! Like you say the one i did was a bit warped!

patches said...

I like the Evonovich books too. They are just outrageous enough to make me appreciate my normal life.