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Saturday, February 16, 2008

That Was the Week That Was

I haven't been online most of this week and, when I looked, I realized that it's been 7 days since I last posted. Shame on me. Chalk it up to a fairly busy week plus a little bit of blogging blues. Here is my week in a nutshell:

Monday: Work 7 hours
Tuesday: Work 7 hours
Wednesday: Take Mom to the YMCA for aquatics arthritis class and then lunch
Thursday: Attend the Northern Trust Open golf tournament
Friday: Shop for a hat for a bridal shower tea
Today: Blog!

The highlight of this week was most definitely Thursday. Rick and I started attending the Los Angeles Open golf tournament (it's had many names in the past several years) in 1987 when, for my birthday, I decided I wanted to be able to check off "attend a golf tournament" on my very own personal "Bucket List." Except for a few inclement weeks during the past 21 years, we've been pretty consistent attendees. This year, however, we attended in high style thanks to the generosity of our friend JAM's son-in-law.

When we decided to attend this year's tournament, we invited JAM to accompany us. JAM was kind enough to ask her SIL, who is the President of an international media company, to see if he could arrange to find tickets for us through any one of the tournament sponsors. SIL came through with flying colors as he was able to get us tickets through the major sponsor of this year's tournament. These tickets not only granted us entrance to the Riviera Country Club but also gave us clubhouse access PLUS access to the Panorama Suite where the sponsor provided stadium seating above the 18th green as well as an incredible buffet of wonderful food and drinks in the ballroom of the clubhouse.

First we had breakfast in the Club's dining room. Then we wandered the course watching all the different golfers driving, hitting, chipping, putting. For lunch, we walked back to the clubhouse and sat in the ballroom and munched on a wonderful buffet lunch assortment. Then it was back out to the course for a while followed by a return visit to the ballroom where we enjoyed superb afternoon appetizers. Exhausted (I'm not sure if it was from all the walking or all the eating), we finally left the tournament in the late afternoon.

And the great thing about this year's golf experience? We get to do it all again tomorrow since JAM's SIL secured us tickets for Sunday's final round. Rick and I are not used to living this high income type of life but we're thinking we certainly could get used to it.


Renee said...

that sounds just lovely! It sure helps to have friends in high places. Wow!

I usually enjoy sports in person much more than watching them on TV, but I've never had the pleasure of watching golf. But all that food might make it worth it. ;)

Patti said...

Sounds like a great time! The eating is what tired you out, I'd say.

PEA said...

I always say we deserve to get spoilt like that every once in a while:-) How wonderful that you got to experience the "high style" of the golf tournament!! That's one thing I've never tried...golfing. We have quite a few golf clubs and ranges around here but it's not something I've ever been interested in. My brothers and sons really enjoy it though:-) Have fun tomorrow!! xox

Linda said...

Sounds like you've had a very nice week and the golf tournament sounds fantastic! I've never actually gone to a tournament and have only played in a couple of "best ball" ones myself but that was years ago. I'd love to try picking up a club again but am so afraid of what I'll do to my back!

Perhaps I should take up going to tournaments, though I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as nice as the one you just went to!

Enjoy Round Two!

ms chica said...

I can't think of a more deserving beneficiary. I hope you enjoy tomorrow as well.

HRH said...

Sounds fabulous and is such a great thing since it is something you are having such fun doing.

Mom said...

Are you telling me that golf was more fun than shopping for a hat?

Lynne said...

What a great way to enjoy a golf tournament. We used to go to baseball games when Dom's company had a luxury box. Catered food, plenty of stuff to drink, and able to watch the game sitting in padded seats with air conditioning.

Hope you had just as great a time on Sunday.

rosemary said...

Sounds wonderful! As for blogger blues...I have been without wireless for 19 days. Thank heavens it is fixed.

Midlife Mom said...

Even though I'm not into golf all that pampering sounds like a great time!! Especially all the good food!!

sari said...

it sounds great!

we went to the FBR Open last year and I'll tell you, I don't have any desire to go back. It was hard to get there, hard to walk around, hard to get food...and most of the people there aren't there to see golf.

The best part was we had the boys with us, so all the Old-Timers that were there would always talk to them and let the boys up to the greens to watch. They were all excited that kids were there and interested in golf.