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Monday, August 4, 2008

Catching Up...

It was a busy weekend for me and this is the first free time I've had to post. My once mundane life has suddenly taken a turn and now it seems there are things to do every day...and that's just the way I like it.

Let's see...Saturday I went to a baby shower for Rick's god-daughter's sister who is due near the end of August. Just to refresh your memories, that would make the honoree's mother my good friend "Joey's Grandmother." Yes...I know it's all very confusing. And, now that Joey will have a new baby girl cousin soon, I'm thinking I need to rename his Grandma since she will now be the grandmother of not one but two.

On Sunday morning, Rick and I went for our monthly golf lessons. Surprisingly, I hit the ball really well with the orthopedic boot protecting my right foot. Hmmm...maybe all I need to do is put spikes on the bottom of the boot and try a round of golf.

In the late afternoon, Rick and I met another couple and their nephew and we all went to the theater. We saw a really funny troupe of performers whom we've seen in other productions. They normally satirize works of Shakespeare, turning his plays into hilarious musicals, but this time they took and twisted Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through the Looking Glass." It was a truly wild and funny evening.

Today was my much awaited return visit to the doctor for a blood pressure check after a month of watching my diet and taking the new medication dosage. Sigh... She and her nurse took a total of three readings during the exam and each one was worse than the last. Now Rick has to take my pressure at home every day so I can chart the results for several weeks and then drop them off at the doctor's office so she can decide whether to change my medications again. The good thing is I'm expecting that the Podiatrist on Thursday will tell me to get rid of the boot and then I can begin the next step in my health rehab...exercise!!!

Finally, tonight we went over to Joey's grandparents' home and then out to dinner with them. Rick hadn't seen his grand-godson on this visit and we wanted to make sure Rick had the chance to see him before he and his mom (Rick's god-daughter) leave later this week for their home in Northern California. It's hard to believe that Joey has just turned two (where has the time gone?) He proudly recited his ABC's and numbers 1-10 for us and Rick was the hit of the evening with his oh-so-very talented ability to make authentic pig noises. Joey roared with laughter and now I'm thinking Rick will forever be the "Pigman" in Joey's mind...oink, oink.

Tomorrow it's lunch with Mom followed by her Fall Prevention Class. See...I told you my days are now filled with "stuff" to do.


Patti said...

You are sounding busier and busier. I hope all goes well with the podiatrist this week and you can take that thingy off your foot!
It must be hot wearing that.

Joey must be so cute now, counting and reciting his ABCs.

Have a good Tuesday ~

Linda said...

Oh dear in regards to your blood pressure. Were you nervous at all? That might have skewed the results a bit. I hope you're able to get it easily under control!

the moose buyer said...

I would say it's a good thing you are not working. it would really cut into your busy schedule.

Take care cuz and maybe between our two busy schedules, we can find one night for dinner.