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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Version of "A Baby Story"

When we got home from church this evening there was a message on our answering machine to call our friends B and J. To recap...B and J are really close friends and their #2 daughter is Rick's goddaughter and her 2-year-old son Joey is Rick's grandgodson.

Since their #3 daughter is due with her first child in 10 days, I was pretty sure the call had something to do with it. Sure enough...when I called I found out their daughter is in the hospital and the doctor will be inducing labor.

When Joey was born two years ago, we had to make a beeline run up to Northern California to be there for his birth. This time things are much more convenient. The hospital is only a few miles from our home which means that we can drive at a much safer speed to get there when it's time. Joey's Grandma has promised she will call us when she gets the call from her daughter or son-in-law that true labor has started. I've instructed her to call us no matter what time of day or night so this may be an interesting rest of the weekend.

We are hoping all goes well and I will let you know when Baby Girl arrives.


Renee said...

Congrats to all! and Welcome "home" baby girl. ;)

Lynne said...

Sending happy thoughts for a safe delivery and a beautiful baby girl.

How's your foot? Did you start your tap dancing classes?

Patti said...

Thinking good thoughts of you and your version of a baby story with a beautiful little girl on the way.