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Friday, August 29, 2008

There Is No Safe Haven

This has been a tough day for Rick. He went to our YMCA this morning for his usual 3 hour workout. When he went into the locker room at the end of his workout, he discovered that someone had entered his locker; $130 was missing from his wallet; and his very valuable Breitling watch was gone. He was devastated...not only at the loss of his beloved watch but also at the thought that a community institution such as the YMCA is not the safe and secure place one would hope or expect it to be.

How did the thief manage to gain access to the locker? Rick is not sure although our guess is that either someone was surrepticiously watching him use his combination or the lock hadn't been latched properly. either case, Rick knows that, most likely, he is at fault for not being more security conscious and that only makes him feel more responsible and imperfect.

He reported the theft to the YMCA staff and then went immediately home to cancel all his credit cards since he knows that at least one of his cards was removed from its slot and replaced backwards. His concern is that his card numbers were compromised and could potentially be used by the thief to make purchases online or by phone. Then he went to our local police station to make a formal police report.

Neither of us believe in our hearts that the thief will ever be caught or that the watch will be recovered. We know that, in the grand scheme of things, this crime is miniscule compared to the violent and major crimes that go on in this city every day. Rick keeps trying to remind himself that the money and his watch are simply "things" and that nothing is more important than his safety and his well-being which thankfully remain intact.

I think what is saddest for us is that this crime took place at a YMCA where they strive so hard to impart their "6 Pillars of Character" (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) to people who walk through the door. Apparently someone at our YMCA just hasn't gotten the message.


meno said...

What a sad loss of trust. I'm sorry.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh i am so sorry. i understand the feeling completely, it is a violation of your privacy and your things. i was robbed once many many years ago and i still feel it. give him a hug...

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Poor Rick. It's so sad when you find out that there are thieves and scoundrels even in the places that you thought were safe.

Renee said...

I'm so sorry to hear this and I hope in your case that it is all resolved quickly.

A friend of mine had her car broken into while at a National Park. Her purse was stollen and her credit cards immediately used at a gas station on the way back into town. She lost her cell phone too. Luckily she could borrow a friend's phone to call the police & her husband. The bank has been nothing but trouble since this incident as they can't seem to get straight which bank account was to be closed and how much money she needed to keep in the closed account. Poor thing. I sure hope they catch this jerk.

Ralph said...

Being in a wheelchair, I definitely do not trust anyone. Therefore, I keep as little ID on me as necessary to go out. Be advised, everyone is a target. Although I would wonder about the help that works at the YMCA...I wish it were different!

Patti said...

I'm sorry this happened to Rick. It does make you feel violated.

It sure sounds like they didn't get the message there.

Trustworthiness - not.