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Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Catching Up

Here it is nearly a week after the election and I'm just now getting back to blogging. I watched the news today as our current President and First Lady graciously welcomed our President-Elect and the future First Lady to the White House. I can only imagine what emotions must have gone through the future President's mind as he entered the Oval Office for the very first time. Soon he will be spending a great deal of time sitting in that grand room making decisions that will hopefully pull our country out of this current quagmire. Will it happen overnight? Not a chance. But I'm hoping we can all find a way to join together to make it happen as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile Rick and I are doing our best to help stimulate the economy. Our friends, while on a Panama Canal cruise in late October, booked us on a 14-day Baltic cruise. Right now there are 5 of us scheduled to sail next June and I am already counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds. Can't you tell? Just look at the new countdown clock on my sidebar and you can count right along with me.

I went to my HMO ophthamologist last month and was still ambivalent about having cataract surgery on my right eye. Then I went to our optometrist's office last week and had a chat with him about the surgery. He was very encouraging about having the surgery and now I'm thinking it would be really nice to have good vision while on our cruise. With the holidays coming up, I think I will wait to make the final decision until after the first of the year.

Not much else is happening. Lynn and I are still dealing with Mom's blood pressure issues and I will be taking her to two doctor appointments scheduled for later this month plus a panel of labs which need to be done.

I'm sure there's more to report but I just can't think of things right now. I know I've been tagged with an award/meme by blogging friend Patti and I promise to get to it soon. Until then...


Linda said...

I echo your sentiments in regards to our country getting straightened out and back on the right path!

Go for the surgery - you know want to see every little detail of that Baltic cruise you've got planned!

the moose buyer said...

I am probably going to have my left eye done. You know I had the right eye done about 10 years ago and seeing clearly at least out of one eye has been great.

I have an appt on Dec 11. If I do, we can wear the eye patches together and be the family pirates.

Betty said...

I was so reluctant to have cataract surgery, I put it off until I was running into the furniture. When I finally had it done, I fel silly about being so afraid. It was a piece of cake. Go for it!

Patti said...

I agree with Duchess Linda, go for the surgery so you can enjoy that Baltic cruise to the fullest.

My mother had it done a year ago and it has made a huge difference.

Take your time with the meme, I took a long time to do the one you gave me. ;-)