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Monday, November 3, 2008

Starting the Week

Tsk, tsk...I've been a bad girl. This morning I received an email from my HMO doctor reminding me that I am a month overdue for my 14 hour fasting cholesterol blood test. Oops.

I'm ready for tomorrow though. I've finally completed filling out my sample ballot so I know which dots to blacken when I get into the polling booth in the morning. Anticipating long lines, Rick and I are taking water bottles, some reading material and we're even putting two portable 3-legged sports chairs in the trunk of our car just in case the wait turns out to be hours.

I hope everyone who is eligible to vote tomorrow has already or will cast their ballot for their chosen candidate. I don't care which candidate or side of a ballot issue you are on. Each and every eligible American citizen should is your right; it is your responsibility.


rosemary said...

We are going after is P.O.U.R.I.N.G. here so we are taking umbrellas.

Ralph said...

I did so at Noon today, and it took five minutes. No excuses, I have been able to vote singe 1976. An honor it is!

Linda said...

Done! Only took about 30-40 minutes!

the moose buyer said...

that's the difference between us. I mailed my absentee ballot before I went to Iowa so I don't have to stand in line or run to vote after work. It would appear that this election caused more voters to show up than any other since the
60's and that too makes me proud.

Patti said...

I voted. There were three people ahead of me to get a ballot.
Like Ralph said, it took about five minutes. And we didn't go at the same time.

P.S. I am finishing the meme you tagged me with a while back.

Patti said...

I did the meme, and I tagged you back Joan!
And gave you an award.

Enjoy ~