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Friday, November 14, 2008

Roll of the Dice

Yeah...I'm a winner! Last night my friend Sherry and I went over to Judy's home for a fun-filled evening of bunco. Judy has belonged to her monthly bunco group for many years and each member chooses a month to play host. This year, a few members were unable to attend so Sherry and I filled in as substitutes.

If you've never played bunco, it's basically a dice-rolling game requiring absolutely no skill which probably explains why I had so many buncos (you have to read the rules to understand what that all means.) Claudia and I had a roll-off of the dice to determine which one of us would win one of the prizes since we both had the most buncos. And even though Claudia almost always goes home a winner, this time I actually came out ahead! Thanks Judy for a great evening.

Sadly, I came home last night to find out a devastating fire was raging in the town of Montecito...a beautiful area of expensive homes just south of Santa Barbara. We are having terrible winds at the moment and this wind-driven fire has burned 100 homes and 5400 acres so far. The winds have died down this morning and hopefully that will give the firefighters a chance to get a handle on the flames and embers before the winds pick up again later today. The victims and firefighters are in my prayers as they deal with the devastation and continuing threat.


Renee said...

I'm so sad to hear about the fires. I will pray that they are able to get them under control too.

and congrats on the Bunko. I played that once and as my luck would have it, I scored right in the middle. they had where the person who scores the lowest got a prize too...but that wasn't me either. :(

Patti said...

I saw those devastating fires on the news this morning. Hopefully they are under control by now.

Can't say I ever played bunco.

Congratulations on the win ~

the moose buyer said...

I am sure Oprah is concerned since her mansion is right in the middle of the fire zone. So is Rob Lowe's house and a few other stars.

Patti said...

I just saw the fires this morning, and it all looks worse than yesterday.

Hope they're not near you, Lynn or Moosie.