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Friday, January 26, 2007

Not My Dream Day

I'm home right now waiting for my husband to return from the gym so we can spend the rest of the day together. Most days, he goes off and does his thing while I do mine. This works most of the time but today I was really looking forward to actually having a day together. So what does he want us to do on this gloriously beautiful day? His plan for us is to go to the storage unit I've rented for more than 20 years, rummage through all the boxes, throw out all the useless stuff (which should be everything since I haven't seen or needed any of the things for 20+ years), move whatever we actually want to keep back to our house...all this in preparation for renting a new storage unit much closer to home. Doesn't this sound like a fun, romantic day? Yes...I know we need to do this in our quest to de-clutter our house but I'd much rather spend a nice day going for a drive, having lunch somewhere romantic, finding someplace fun to stroll along...hmmm. Instead, I am sure I will come home exhausted, covered in dirt and grime, and thoroughly disgusted with the amount of clutter we still have. Oh well...

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Lynn said...

If you haven't seen it in 20+ years, don't even THINK of bringing it into your home...take it all straight to the dumpster... Of course, somewhere hidden in all of that storage could be something wait, nevermind... don't throw ANY of it away just hold onto it for another 30 years and you'll be able to sell it on ebay as antiques.