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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Pool, the Dog, and a Blog turned out to be an eventful day...finally! I've spent the past few days just lolling around the house with no particular place to go. That's what happens when you're long for just about any chore that will give you a sense of purpose and today I actually managed to find a few.

Since it's Wednesday, I took my mom to the YMCA Arthritis aquatics class. Last week I complained the pool was too cool. Today, miraculously, the water was listed at 90 degrees and I believe it. Surprisingly, it was actually the perfect temperature...none of us felt parboiled or even remotely too warm. Instead, we all felt cozy (can you feel cozy in a public pool) as we stretched and marched and exercised in relative comfort. Yeah!!! After class, my husband and I took my mom out for lunch and, as a treat, she ordered the filet mignon lunch special. Yum.

When I took my mom home, my sister was driving into the garage with her dog in the van. Poor Amber (that would be the dog)! Over the weekend, she tore her cruciate ligament while running in the park with her dog friends and yesterday was her TPLO surgery to repair the tear. My sister and her family truly love her...the procedure costs $3600 and this was her second procedure...she tore the ligament in her other hind leg a year ago. This costly surgery is to ensure that she doesn't suffer this type of injury again and my husband has taken to calling her "Robo-Pup." Today, I would call her "Dopey-Pup" as she was sent home with a morphine patch to keep her free from pain for the first 5 days. Lucky her. Hopefully, she will heal quickly without any setbacks so she can be released from her crate where she must remain until she is better.

Wait...there's more stuff to write about. While at my sister's, I helped her create her very own blog. She's been talking about it for a while (or rather I've been encouraging her to do one) and today she mentioned that she might do one to chart Amber's progress so that other owners, considering this surgery for their dogs, will see what to expect. Taking that as a "yes," I immediately set about helping her create and design her blog. Right now, she would like to remain relatively anonymous until she feels more confident about it so I've promised not to announce her blog site to anyone. We'll see...

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