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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Skinny Body Parts…The Bad

OK…so what woman wouldn’t kill to be able to wear a size 2? I certainly would be thrilled. But my waist and/or hips are not the topics of this post. Rather, the only parts of my body which anyone would call “skinny” are my feet. That’s right…my feet.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve worn narrow shoes. I have my Aunt Freda to thank for this. She wore a 4A width (that’s right…AAAA) shoe with a 5A heel and I wear the same width. Now…in her day, narrow shoes were readily available at department and shoe stores. Those days, however, are long gone. Today, medium and even wide shoes are in abundant supply. Narrow shoes, however, are almost non-existent. At one time, I could rely on Nordstrom’s to find shoes. Yes…I’d pay an exorbitant price for shoes but at least I could find some styles which fit. Nowadays, however, even Nordstrom’s narrow shoe selection is just that…narrow. Yes, maybe I can find a dress shoe there and even a casual style once in a while. But my choices are almost always limited to one or two styles and even those tend to be what I call “old lady” shoes. Thanks to Zappos, I’ve managed to find a slightly larger selection of narrow shoes but buying shoes on the Internet is a lesson in patience and requires a great deal of planning to ensure that I have just the right shoes for any event.

So here I am pleading with shoe manufacturers to think about the “skinny footed” customer when planning their collections. I cannot be the only person on this planet with narrow feet. I know I’m not. I read the Customer Rating/Review section on the Zappos website when selecting a style and there I find a large number of customers who have narrow feet. So…shoe companies…listen up! We’re here; we’re ready to buy…so bring on those narrow and extra narrow shoes!

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kim page said...

i feel your pain. wish more shoe companies would go back to making 5a shoes.