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Saturday, March 31, 2007

An Afternoon Snooze

Yesterday I did something I almost never do…I napped during the day. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a most unusual occurrence. I’ve never been one who needed much sleep so daytime napping just isn’t on my daily to-do list. My husband is the exact opposite. He can lie down in bed for a few minutes, catch a few zzz’s and then feel refreshed. Me…when I fall asleep during the day, I wake up more groggy and dopey than before. That’s why yesterday was so unusual.

I did wake up early in the morning to drive 45 miles to a Library meeting but then I always wake up early so that was no big deal and I find driving a really relaxing activity as long as there’s no traffic…and there wasn’t any. The meeting was originally scheduled for the entire day but ended up being only a half-day event so I certainly wasn’t suffering from any brain-drain. I drove home (with a stop at a local TJ Maxx store) and then spent a few minutes in front of the computer…my daily ritual. That’s when I decided to lie down in bed just to watch TV…honest. Before I knew it, Hubby was sweetly calling my name and, when I looked at the clock, I was floored…it was nearly 6:00PM. Yikes! It’s a good thing he woke me…if he hadn’t, I probably would have slept all the way to bedtime and then I would have spent the entire night wide awake with nothing to do.

I’m feeling really awake and alert this morning so I guess napping didn’t interfere with my normal sleep pattern. Now I’m wondering if I should consider putting an afternoon nap on my regular schedule. Tell me…do you find napping a good thing?


Susie said...

No I don't! I wake very groggy and disoriented. I would rather go to bed a bit earlier and then try to get on track the next day if I'm extra tired!

Lynn said...

I think that napping is as important as...breathing! When I don't get a nap, I get irritable. Which is unfortunately quite often.

Patti said...

Napping is one of my favorite activities. To me it is vital.
Actually, I'm on my way to a Saturday afternoon nap-aroo right now...

I am overtired, so every little bit helps.

meno said...

I wish i could nap, but i have trouble falling asleep and then i wake up groggy and slightly nauseous.

Midlife Mom said...

I LOVE a good little nap in the afternoon! I think I am just going to put my feet up and rest my eyes a bit and the next thing I know I am out like a light. I find it refreshing and it gives me energy and I can still fall right to sleep at night and sleep all night. I used to make fun of my grandmother for taking a little nap and now I am a grandmother and I do the same thing a couple times a week! heehee

patches said...

My species was born to nap. The Missus naps with me in cycles. If life is emotionally draining she's drawn to a quick nap on the sofa with me keeping her company. If you feel groggy afterward, its safe to assume you're sleeping too long. Some people take twenty minute power nap to energize for the rest of the afternoon. It refreshes without leaving you sluggish.

Joan said...

Susie: I'm usually dopey and groggy when I wake up from a nap but maybe I'm growing so old that I actually need one now.

Lynn: I know what you're like when you haven't napped...I can always tell. ;~)

Patti: Hope you had a great nap-aroo this afternoon.

Meno: I've never been nauseous after a nap...thank goodness...I just feel like I've been slightly drugged.

Midlife mom: My mom always tells me how my grandmother used to take a nap every afternoon...oh no...maybe I'm becoming my grandmother now (I've already become my mom).

Patches: I guess that's why they call those short little snoozes "catnaps." Maybe I'll try one of those 20 minutes ones.

Renee said...

I've heard that taking a 20 min nap is good and won't make you groggy.

I find though for me that I need longer than just 20 min, because I usually doze in front of the TV going in and out of must be that when I hit my light sleep cycle that a noise from the house wakes me. But I do find it restful and I don't have any problems going to sleep at night...ALTHOUGH once I tried to go to bed at 9pm and just wasn't able to do it. I went downstairs and turned on the TV...about an hour later I found myself getting groggy and went to bed which worked.

Yeah, I'm getting out of this treasurer thing in Sept. In fact someone contacted me today to say she's interested in my job...unfortunately she's a HUGE FLAKE and won't be considered. Luckily we already have someone in mind for the job...and she's just like me.