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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Road Quickly Traveled

It’s been a busy week taking my mom to the YMCA on Monday, working yesterday and today and now packing for an overnight trip. So…where and why am I going somewhere? And why isn’t Hubby going with me?

Several weeks ago, we learned that Hubby’s goddaughter and her husband were given a trip to Italy. Their biggest concern, of course, was whether they could leave their 8-month-old son Joey for more than a week while they went off on this unexpected vacation opportunity. Our friends, Grandma and Grandpa, who live close to us, gladly volunteered to take care of Joey during the nervous parents’ absence. The problem is that Joey and his parents live 350 miles from the happy grandparents. Since Grandpa is a CPA and this is the one time of the year he simply cannot leave town, Grandma was trying to find a way to pickup Joey and bring him down to our area. Besides wanting company for the long drive, she is not particularly fond of driving freeways and flying was not an option. That’s when my hand shot up as I shouted “Oh, oh, I’ll drive you up there to get Joey and bring him back with us.” So tomorrow, Grandma and I are driving north, staying overnight, and then traveling back home with Joey. My only “payment” for doing this is that, while Joey is visiting his grandparents, Hubby and I will get to spend oodles of time with him. That certainly sounds like a fair trade.


Lynn said...

Are you the same person who told me that I volunteer too much and that I need to learn to say "no"? Some role model you are! Just make sure that you drive safely and leave your cell phone on, so I can call you.

Joan said...

Lynn: Okay...I admit it...that was me suggesting you volunteer too much. What can I say...I guess neither of us know how to say "no." I just couldn't help must be in our genes.

Patti said...

You guys sure take long road trips. To me 70 miles seems like a long drive, never mind 350.
Have you and Grandma figured out which one of you does diaper duty?
Just kidding.

Have fun with Joey.

Joan said...

Patti: I guess I should admit that I have never ever changed a diaper. Truly! Does that make me a terrible grandgodfather's wife???

meno said...

Actually, that's the kind of thing i'd do, because it sounds like fun.

Except for the trip back with a baby. Hoo boy!

patches said...

You are the trooper, Joan. Sound like the sort of thing the Missus might get roped into doing. I imagine Grandma will appreciate your effort. You go, girl!

Patti said...

Joan, I guess grandma is the designated diaper changer person for this trip.

I like your honesty. ;-)

Joan said...

Meno: I'm hoping Joey will sleep for the entire trip back. Yes, I know chances of that are slim but I can hope, cant I?

Patches: Thanks for the encouragement. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.

Patti: I admit it...I don't do babies.

Patti said...

this trip will be an interesting one for you. It will offer you plenty of stuff to blog about

Midlife Mom said...

We'll all be waiting to hear the details of this trip and who actually gets diaper detail! ha! Have a safe trip!

only oldest said...

you in a car for 8 or 9 hours with a baby! Now that's funny. Who are you and what have you done with my cousin????? Give her back!!!

I do seriously hope you have an easy trip and the baby is as easy a traveller as you and Lynn were when you were his age.