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Friday, December 21, 2007

Smile For the Camera

Yesterday I took Mom for our pre-Christmas haircuts and then out for lunch. We've been going to our "new" hairdresser since September and I am so happy to have finally found someone who cuts hair really well. I booked this appointment four weeks ago to make sure Mom and I would look extra special for the big day on Tuesday when we celebrate Christmas with Rick's family.

Anyway, our haircuts look really nice and I made sure that we gave a holiday gift to our hairdresser to express our appreciation. This haircut is particularly important because I just got a letter from our Dept. of Motor Vehicles reminding me that my driver's license is expiring on my birthday in February and I need to renew it ASAP. For the past few renewals, I've been able to do it by mail but now they want me to come in and have a vision test, a thumb print taken and a new photo. Yikes!

Now I'm not worried about the vision test since I just got myself a new pair of glasses and the thumb print is no big deal. But the photo is another story. I actually love my "current" license photo since it was taken 15 years ago and I look so much younger. Now I'm going to have a new one and I'm not a happy camper! At least my hair will look good and maybe I'll just apply tons of makeup before going into the DMV. Oh well...I guess it could be worse. At least I don't have to take the written or driving tests again. Now that would be scary!


Renee said...

congrats on the new haircuts. I really need to do something with my hair but I'm in search of a new hairdresser...scary!

my photo is blech! I need to go in person to get a new one but there is never any time. one day.

Have a great Holiday!

the moose buyer said...

If you need a new picture, so will I in June. At least once I have the new one, I won't have to explain why there is such a weight difference.

You look exactly as you did 15 years ago. In fact, you look exactly as you did when you were a little kid. Well, maybe my eyes are getting a little weaker as I get older. You still look like my baby cousin!!!

PEA said...

Here in Canada we have to have our picture taken for our driver's license every 5 years...I went for mine this past October and as always I look like someone on a wanted poster! lol I think it's the fact that we're not allowed to smile!! lol I'm so glad you were able to find a good hairdresser for you and your you'll both look sexy for the holidays! hehe xoxo

Patti said...

Sounds like the haircut helped you get out of the blues. Hope so!!

Enjoy the season, Joan. ;-)

rosemary said...

The day my last DMV pix was taken I had just come from the dentist and my smile is really lopsided. My hair was growing out grey...yuk. I will have to take the written test because I got a &*%%#^$& ticket a few months ago.

Mary said...


I'm amazed that they would let you go 15 years without having a new photo for your license. We go, as Pea said, every five years. I just had my done last year and it looks horrible. I could be one of Canada's most wanted. It looks like I'm either sleeping or have had too much to drink. Since I don't drink, I must have been sleeping.

You will look just fine. And I'm glad you and your mother were able to get nice haircuts for Christmas. I had mine cut two weeks ago, because it looks better after a couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for the compliments on my village. It is precious to me. I would love to see your collection of libraries.

Christmas blessings,

Renee said...

ya know if God had put me in California to begin with I think I might stay there too. ;) But that's not where he lead me.
DH says I'm not allowed to drive while it's snowing anymore! But I want to suggest that we get the car fixed so I can put it into 4x4 from just inside the car's much safer.

Lynne said...

Joan - Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Smalltown RN said...

You got to love it when you finally find a hair dresser you like....I am still looking and it has been almost three years since I have moved here....Merry Christmas to you and yours...

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

A photo isn't too bad. I cannot believe it's 15 years there for a new photo! A person changes so much in 15 years! Again, like in the previous comments, it's every 5 years in Canada on your Birthday and I don't think I have had one that I really like yet. :)

A haircut always makes everyone feel like a brand new person. It's good to go out and do that.

PEA said...

May the joy that comes with Christmas Day remain with you throughout the year!! Merry Christmas dear friend. xoxo