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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Tuesday in Paradise

Poor seems it's now his turn to have the "Virus That Won't Die." For several days, he's had an annoying sore throat that won't go away and he's not been a happy camper. Men can be such babies.

Anxious that he might have something serious (why is it men always think they have something dreadful), he made an appointment today with his doctor just to make sure it's not evil strep throat. It turns out just to be a mild throat virus (surprise) and we all know there's little that can be done other than be patient and wait. The doctor gave Rick a list of at-home treatments mostly to ease the raspiness and irritation.

So when I came home from work this afternoon, here's what I found:

There's nothing scarier than coming home after a long day of work and finding your husband doing a poor job of hiding. What's he really doing? He's inhaling steam from a microwaved cup of water. Such a good boy following his doctor's orders.

On a happier note, I just got off the phone with my good friend, known on my blog as "Joey's Grandmother." It turns out her #3 daughter is pregnant for the first time and is due at the end of August. So soon she'll be more than just Joey's Grandma. I guess this means I'd better start thinking of a new pseudonym for her. Now that will be a happy chore.


Lynne said...

Poor Rick. Hope he feels better soon. Nice picture - he's a handsome guy!

You're right - men are such babies. I'm married to the champ!

Mary said...


I'm so sorry that Rick isn't feeling well. A sore throat can make you feel really miserable, but you're right. Men don't deal with any type of illness as well as women in my opinion. I do hope he is feeling better soon.


rosemary said...

Hum, I have a baby too, but one that won't so a thing to help himself. At least Rick is trying.

Lynn said...

Poor Rick...Are you sure that he wasn't trying out for a Saturday job as Casper???

Renee said...

I hope Rick is feeling better soon but why is it that men will do what the doctor tells them, but not what their wife tells them???

I've been nagging DH for YEARS to eat his veggies to no avail. But the doc says he needs to eat them and now suddenly he has to have veggies...including mine!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Gosh, I hope Rick feels better soon... I have one of those "Ricks" at home too... *sigh*

Patti said...

I hope Rick is up and at 'em again soon. At least he is following doctor's orders..

great photo ;-)

Midlife Mom said...

Poor Rick! Yes men can be such babies when they are sick. I never make as many trips up and down the stairs as when Hubby is sick and needs something every few minutes! Guess it's good exercise but when I'm sick he goes to the office. Go figure!

the moose buyer said...

Listen, if you guys keep passing your illnesses back and forth, we will never go out for dinner. At least I got to spend time at Lynn's monday after work and give mom a few laughs about her great nephews. Lynn and I were really on a roll and mom thought we were too funny.

Get better soon so we can go out!!!

patches said...

At least Rick is willing to follow the non medicinal remedies to alleviate his symptoms. The Mister would prefer to complain.

sari said...

Mr. Geek and i both got strep throat when we went to California for Christmas, mine went away but he still has a sore throat. He doesn't have strep anymore but he's now got an appointment next week for the third time. I hate when he's sick!

I hope Rick's feeling better soon.