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Friday, January 25, 2008

Two Things...And Then Some

I was tagged for this "Two Things" meme by Patches over at Claw~less & Ball~less.

Two names you go by... Joan and Miss Joanie (actually only one person calls me this).

Two things you are wearing right now...jeans (that actually fit) and my sage green glasses.

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship...Trust and a sense of humor (both of which I'm lucky enough to have).

Two of your favorite things to do... read a good mystery and go shopping.

Two things you want very badly at the moment...a decent memory and good vision.

Two pets you have or have had...Nudnik (a black & white kitty in the 1970's) and Sam (a newt).

Two people you think will fill this out...Lynne and Rosemary.

Two things that you did last night...Re-styled my newly cut hair and went to dinner with Rick and JAM.

Two things you ate today...salmon and currants.

Two people you last talked to...Rick and Lynn.

Two things you're doing tomorrow...going shopping for new bedding for my mom and going to church.

Two longest car rides...Driving from New York to California in the late '60's (via the southern route since it was December) and driving from Colorado Springs straight back to L.A. in 1977 when the ski resort closed due to lack of snow.

Two favorite holidays...when you're retired, holidays just don't seem as much fun.

Two favorite beverages...venti non-fat 2 SweetNLow latte and sparkling water (as long as it has no sodium.)

Two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to - My dad and my maternal Grandfather (whom I'm named after and who died before I was born).


Lynne said...

This one looks like fun. I'll do it tonight!

patches said...

I'm digging the salmon...Thanks for playing along.

HRH said...

I used to have a newt. He was so cute. Fun to read.

meno said...

Everyday is a holiday. Ain't it grand?

Mary said...


I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you.

Thank you for praying for the ladies on my list. It's much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the MGM parade photos. It snowed here much of yesterday and overnight, so rain sounds good to me. LOL


Linda said...

Currants and salmon? Can't say I've ever had currants and have only had salmon once that I can recall. Now if you'd said peanut butter and jelly ... !

Midlife Mom said...

We used to have iguanas, are they anything like newts? We really enjoyed them, one of them like to sit on my shoulder while I did housework!